If You are Overweight

If you are overweight, try sitting through many meals with people who are on a diet, eating regularly, or simply not watching their weight and you will observe a big difference in the way people are choosing to lose weight, maintain their current weight, or adding on weight.

Individuals on a diet are very picky eaters, and makes you feel like a glutton for ordering too many dishes that they won’t help you out with. They are normally concerned about limiting their calorie intake for the day until they have reached their overall weight goal. Eating out with them can be boring.

People who eat normal and enjoy a healthy lifestyle know what their favorite foods without constantly feeling guilty about what they just ate. While you may not find them with 3 scoops of ice cream, they will occasionally enjoy a scoop here and there. They let their body tell them whether they are hungry or not, and you will rarely find them consuming a 24 oz steak on a regular basis.

If you are overweight, please don’t have meals with overweight friends because both of you will not have any control over what you are eating. Seeing others having an extra helping of dessert will get you to eat more than necessary. Unless you are hungry or need to refuel, don’t hang out at food courts or cafes. And no, you don’t need extra whip cream with the slice of pie no matter how much you love it. Learn to eat what you body needs, not because you want some of what your friend is having.

You are what you eat. Make the right choices and you will be on your way of losing weight.

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