Obesity Prevention Tips # 7 – Long Term Goals

We often forget that the “Biggest Loser” is a reality tv show based on an aggressive time line with contestants sweating it out 4-5 hours a day at the gym (6-7 days a week), and supported by the best personal trainers and nutritionist in the world. Many people could only dream of becoming a contestant where casting auditions are often thousands deep.

Those who don’t have that luxury must settle for long term goals that are realistic where you are making lifestyle changes like cutting out sugar from your diet, becoming more active, and being aware of what you eat because all the little things add up to who you are today.

It is perfectly okay to say “No” to something that looks deliciously good. Internalize by asking yourself a simple question “Is this good for you?”, and if the answer is “No”, then move on to the next subject or object of interest.

Your long term goal may be losing 50-60 pounds, but to push yourself forward you need a more tangible goal like running a mile or eventually participating in a marathon. You want a goal that motivates you to be active as well as watching what you eat.

Work on these long term goals and watch yourself transform into a healthier person right before your eyes.

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