Achieve Your Ideal Weight

Meal replacement products nourish your body through proper nutrition – delivering healthy nutrients right down to your cells.

Weight Loss

  • 2 shakes & 1 balanced meal a day

Weight Maintenance

  • 1 shake & 2 balanced meals a day

Weight Gain

  • 3 shakes & 3 balanced meals a day

Losing weight and staying fit can be easy. Try meal replacement shakes and change the way you feel.

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One thought on “Achieve Your Ideal Weight”

  1. I have been using Herbalife shakes for about 6 months. The Formula 1 nutritional shake works for me and I like many of their flavors. My absolute favorite is the cookies and cream. I have had no problems ordering off their website and the products always came quick enough. My goal for using the protein was to lose just 5-10 lbs (I was only 130 lbs to start) by replacing meals with the shakes. I have lost 12lbs to date and it was very easy in my opinion because the shakes both taste good and kept me full until my next meal.