World’s Fattest or Heaviest Person – Manuel Uribe

World's Fattest Man
World's Fattest Man

Manuel Uribe fed himself pizza and tacos while ballooning to the weight of 6 men. At his heaviest, he weighed 1230 pounds in 2006.

His care takers should be ashamed of themselves, because he was not simply feeding himself since he’s bed ridden for 6 years. It is ludicrous to allow someone to get this state of obesity if it is not some sort of sickness that causes them to continuously gain weight.

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Fattest Man Kisses His Wife
Fattest Man Kisses His Wife

After losing half his weight on the Zone Diet, he wed his girlfriend of two years – Solis.

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19 thoughts on “World’s Fattest or Heaviest Person – Manuel Uribe”

  1. to say ,,, “oh gross,, this man is lazy,, he is not sick he just likes to eat too much” is like telling a annorexic person to just eat lots of cheeseburgers,,, we all suffer and we all carry our cross ,, and everyone deals with it differently,, some shoot drugs,, some shoot others,, some exercise all day,, some drink,, some ruin other peoples lives,, some smoke,, and some feel comfort and pleasure and joy in tasting their favorite food,, i wonder myself how can anyone do this to himself or herself to get into that state,, and it is a broken heart they wear on the outside,, visible to everyone,, this man gave up a couple hundred pounds ago,, he resigned to being stuck,, and when you cant get out of bed,, cant move,, cant walk,, cant have sex or go out,, what can you do? what makes him still feel good is the taste of pizza,, so i dont think he is lazy at all or he would not even be breathing at this point,,

  2. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for making such rude comments. It is his life let him live it. You are all arrogant jerks that need to be put into your place

  3. Why should any one care about this guy. It seems like people like this get all the attention, at least from people who need to knock other people down so they themselves will look better! The only reason he may deserve anyones attention is the fact that he’s finally trying to help himself! I wish him the best of luck!!

  4. i think if he is happy u should leave him alone and stop worring bout other people and lay off him, u would not like someone talking bout u like this i think good for him he has lost half his body weight u should be saying good job and u can do it but instead u r making fun of him by saying let him starve and one bit to meany just leave him alone and stop making fun of him

  5. you people say mean things about this man HEELLLLLL He cant help that he is over weight but what you were in his shoes think about it..

  6. Hey my name is destiny lewis and i would like to say that what a great man you are not only your the fattest man but you got a wife. Thats nothing but the grace of God keeping your hear with us. Thank you my name is Destiny and you never give up on anything i got hopes in you okay and have a Bless Day. Bye……:)

  7. i actually feel bad for the guy because after all he is the one who suffers, he is a freak to all of us and will never be normal. though he can´t just stop eating because that actually makes you fatter sometimes, since the body is so used to eating. but seriously, this guy is so wrong with how he takes care of himself (which he actually doesn´t) but i think we should put ourselves in his shoes, imagine you were that fat… the only thing we could do would be to try to make the best of it… but dont get me wrong i do agree with all you guys, it´s just that we should think twice before saying he´s disgusting.

  8. This is a disease just like any other addiction. Yes, the caretaker is partly to blame for being an enabler. Unless you have suffered from a serious addiction where it became life threatening, I don’t see how you are qualified to judge him.

  9. Whoever is taking care of Manuel Uribe should be shot. If you take his phone away, and stop feeding him then he will lose weight. It is that simple. What is he going to do? He can’t move, so he will starve.

    His caretakers are responsible for his obesity. Stop feeding him! I am so sick of people and their self made problems. Get a clue and help yourself!

    There are so many people that can’t even get any food for days. This guy make me sick. He is all 7 deadly sins. Don’t fee bad for him!

  10. How can you move being that big? I warned my cousin about laying off the tacos and pizza and he didn’t want to believe me.

  11. If I even became remotley close to being that big I’d do something about it…… I feel bad for him because he wasn’t using his brains… To much modern warfare ahahah just kidding!!

  12. There is nothing wrong with that guy. It is not a sickness or anything he was just to lazy to do anything about it. Anorexia is a sickness or bulimia but clearly he doesn’t have those.

  13. Anyone have any recent news on how Manuel Uribe is doing? He seems to have faded out of the news after attaining status as the heaviest man in the world.