Chubby Friends Help You Add on Weight

It is important to understand that hanging out with chubby friends will naturally make you put on weight also. With this in mind, you can enjoy their company and food events in moderation. While you can’t change a person, you can make better decisions knowing that you will be entering a day or evening of gluttony depending on how many chubby friends you are hanging out with.

Fat Friends Need More Than Unconditional Love

If your friend is fat and overweight, you need to do more as a friend than simply giving them unconditional love. There’s nothing wrong with individuals who struggle with weight issues, but they are overly sensitive about discussing their weight and yes they know they are big without you mentioning it or having obesity as the centerpiece of your friendship.

However, you can be clear to them that you care a lot about them by committing to going to the gym together and working out. Also, cut back on the alcohol and eating out because you care for their health.

Be a friend, but don’t ever nag your overweight friends like a parent. Otherwise, they would rather be friends with a gerbil instead.