Extreme Dieting

Celebrities Victoria Beckham and Beyonce are one of few celebrities to vouch that they have at one time or another tried a form of extreme dieting. Whether these are fad diets or not, they continue to have a following because they tend to produce quick results without the work.

Before trying out any of these extreme forms of dieting, please consult with your private physician.

  • Lemon Detox Diet – squeezed lemons, tree syrup, and cayenne pepper for 7-10 days
  • Celebrity Slim – two meal replacements for 7 days
  • Cabbage Soup Diet – consume cabbage soup as much as possible each day
  • Quick Cleanse 7 Day Detox – no coffee, alcohol, dairy, sugars, meat for 15 days (while taking cleansing pills)


What we fail to understand is why we have become such gluttonous pigs when it comes to alcohol and sugared coffees. These tend to bring on a world of hurt that throws your energy and concentration levels out of routine. Don’t forget the expanding waistline too when you are partying hard or working overtime.

What is Anorexia / Anorexic / Manorexic?

Being aware of anorexia requires to you to evaluate the route you take to lose weight and reach your goals of a perfect body image. Everything you do to train your body into losing weight is a bit of brain washing, but there should always be limits. (Think of it as responsible gaming or drinking or recreational drug use.)

Learn about what anorexia is, and why unbalanced individuals losing weight drastically can be dangerously fatal. These individuals have a lot of serious issues in regards to self image, and looking thin.

First video is a manorexic, a male model who went too far into the dark side of achieving a perfect body in his own sick views.

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When you are making efforts to lose weight, make sure you are doing it right instead of developing a weight loss mental illness like this individual. She binges on junk food, and then purges every ounce of it like a sporting event.

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A segment by BBC Switch talking to people who have dealt with anorexia and eating disorders.

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4 part series about a mom helping her daughter deal with anorexia. Observe, and understand the actions of an anorexic towards eating, and tries to make food disappear by hiding the food she was suppose to eat all around the house. (Sometimes we feel like beating some sense into Katie who is gravely underweight! But is that acceptable towards a person with a food eating disorder / mental illness?)

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