Britney Spears Weight Loss

Britney Spears is back in the spot light with a slimmer and healthier body. Over the summer months, she changed her diet to friendly protein and plenty of vegetables. Sticking to chicken is her choice for proteins while shying away from bacon, eggs, and beef. This means also removing all the fatty skins from the chicken, and patting off all the grease before eating. Watch the oil and grease consumption very carefully.

If you were to smudge fingers across your forehead, would you lick the greasy film on your finger? If no, then when you come across a slice of pizza with dripping oil, don’t eat it and opt for something else.

As for soups, Britney Spears has gone clear. Skim off all the oils if they float to the top. No more creamy soups loaded with cheese, potatoes, or carbohydrates.

When having vegetables, stick to the color green.

The only sweet thing in her desserts are fresh fruit. No more cakes and cookies for the new Britney Spears.

Congrats to Britney, who’s realized that watching everything we eat is as important as being active to stay fit and trim.