Lose Weight and Have Better Sex

BBW sex is perfectly fine too, not saying there’s anything wrong with that (it shows a lot of confidence to enjoy whatever floats your boat). Going back to the main point, one of the many benefits of losing weight is being able to have better sex as a result of physical and mental changes.

Weight Loss Effects on the Male Sex:

  • Overweight men have higher incidence of erectile dysfunction due to lower blood flow to the male genitals. High fat diets, narrow arteries, including the ones that carry blood to the penis. Abdominal obesity lowers testosterone levels.
  • A stronger core (abdominal and lower-back muscles) helps to increase stamina and gives strength to try new positions.
  • On the visual end of the spectrum, fat people can’t see their own penis (it’s probably shriveled up and died a long time ago). Fat on the base of the abdomen covers up the base of the penis.
  • Weight loss, and nutritious foods stimulate sex hormones. Don’t let weight gain impede your sexual desires.

Weight Loss Effects on the Female Sex:

  • Overweight women suffer similar decrease sexual potency as overweight men due to lower blood flow to the genital areas.
  • A little less flab brings out the best parts of the body. You don’t necessarily have to fit a size double-zero jeans.
  • A lighter weight allows you to move freely during love making.
  • Improved body image, makes you feel more confident being naked and totally being in the moment. Frees up your mind from worrying about the way your body looks.
  • Weight loss in women provides the genitals with better circulation, lubrication, and overall function.

The final statistics indicate 30% of overweight and obese individuals suffer from sexual difficulties. Don’t become the statistic and start enjoying what your body is made for by first learning to take care of it.