Fat Friends Need More Than Unconditional Love

If your friend is fat and overweight, you need to do more as a friend than simply giving them unconditional love. There’s nothing wrong with individuals who struggle with weight issues, but they are overly sensitive about discussing their weight and yes they know they are big without you mentioning it or having obesity as the centerpiece of your friendship.

However, you can be clear to them that you care a lot about them by committing to going to the gym together and working out. Also, cut back on the alcohol and eating out because you care for their health.

Be a friend, but don’t ever nag your overweight friends like a parent. Otherwise, they would rather be friends with a gerbil instead.


Weight Problems Lead to Arthritis

Research indicates the rate of diagnosed arthritis in obese people are double the rate of a person with normal weight. For every 1 average weight person with arthritis, there will be 2 obese persons with arthritis.


Common sense tells us that overweight people tend to move around less, and this will likely lead to stiffen joints due to lack of activity. Or when you are so heavy, it can lead to overexertion of knee joints and develop into knee osteoarthritis.

Biggest Loser Contestants Drink Protein Shakes

Bob & Jillian have been reminding contestants to take their protein shakes to help suppress their hunger while helping their muscles recover properly for the next work out.

  • Protein shakes act as a great low calorie snack in between meals to help you feel fuller.
  • Helps you exercise at optimal levels to reap its metabolism-boosting benefits.

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