Shawn Johnson’s Diet

Shawn Johnson’s diet is all about power, energy, and endurance allowing her to train 4 hours every day. Her training relies 100% on her own body weight (push-ups, sit-ups, squat jumps, and pull-ups).


  • Yogurt and scrambled eggs


  • Wrap or salad with fruits


  • Strawberries are Shawn Johnson’s favorite


  • Lots of fish or chicken and fresh vegetables

Is Supermodel Heidi Klum Fat?

Obvious answer is no. Why do thin slim supermodels always need to lose weight? And it seems Heidi Klum is no exception. Since appearing at a Victoria’s Secret event, she plans on losing an additional 20 pounds with the help of a trainer.

If skinny supermodels with little or no body fat can lose weight, then overweight or obese individuals can certainly lose weight too.

Here is Heidi Klum with an extra 20 pounds that she needs to lose.  Might be some kind of  Kate Moss syndrome effecting every supermodels’ perception of weight.


Obesity Prevention Tips # 5 – Watch TV Standing Up

Invite your friends over for the super bowl party viewing on your brand new flat screen television. Invite your friends over to watch a newly released DVD.

Only this time, don’t tell them you have put away all the chairs, and they will have to watch tv standing up.

Now you are going to have better conversations, because they will be hardly paying attention to the television. Also, everyone will thank you for being such a gracious host to think about them and helping them lose weight while watching TV. – approved by Michelle Obama!

YouTube Weight Loss Challenge – Tracie Sanderlin Wins

YouTube Preview Image

Through will power and determination, Tracie Sanderlin transforms herself by shedding the pounds that have accumulated through years of inactivity and over eating. Yes, everyone can lose weight. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

80% of success is showing up. Once you show up at the gym, the hardest part of the workout is already done and the rest is up to you.

Body Image and Weight Loss

Many of us struggle with weight loss because of poor body image. Even when the scale shows us losing 10 pounds after several weeks of changed eating habits and a more active lifestyle, our heads are still filled with negative thoughts that we are not perfect. And then we regress into the old self who ate their fair share of ice cream and junk food.

The truth is that no one is perfect. Otherwise magazine wouldn’t have to retouch photos to make celebrities on covers thinner and healthier looking.

Be realistic, don’t go back to the old destructive self because you don’t see yourself as perfect. It takes a lot of hard work to lose even a few pounds, your heart, body and mind appreciates all that you have achieved.

Continue with your weight loss goals, and throw out the distorted body image you have of yourself.