YouTube Weight Loss Challenge – Tracie Sanderlin Wins

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Through will power and determination, Tracie Sanderlin transforms herself by shedding the pounds that have accumulated through years of inactivity and over eating. Yes, everyone can lose weight. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

80% of success is showing up. Once you show up at the gym, the hardest part of the workout is already done and the rest is up to you.

Obesity Prevention Tips # 10 – Eat Slower

If you are not a regular contestant in competitive eating, change your habits and eat slower. This will allow your stomach and digestive system to release hormones to tell the brain that you are full.

Otherwise, you could be consuming unnecessary calories when your stomach could not react to the amount of food that was rapidly inhaled. This is another reason why fast food leads to obesity.

Eating slower gives the body and mind time to react accordingly. You simply do not need the extra calories, and your body will tell you by making you fat.

Obesity Linked to Being Poor

If you are working a minimum wage job, you have a higher chance of becoming obese. Why? Because you are constantly worrying about paying off your bills that you have little time to take care of your body and get healthy.

Also, when your refrigerator is not stocked with food, you are more likely to overeat every chance you get because you have no idea when the next full meal will come. Having full access to food allows you to take care of more important things than worrying about going hungry.

Countries with high levels of job and income security have much lower overweight population.

Body Image and Weight Loss

Many of us struggle with weight loss because of poor body image. Even when the scale shows us losing 10 pounds after several weeks of changed eating habits and a more active lifestyle, our heads are still filled with negative thoughts that we are not perfect. And then we regress into the old self who ate their fair share of ice cream and junk food.

The truth is that no one is perfect. Otherwise magazine wouldn’t have to retouch photos to make celebrities on covers thinner and healthier looking.

Be realistic, don’t go back to the old destructive self because you don’t see yourself as perfect. It takes a lot of hard work to lose even a few pounds, your heart, body and mind appreciates all that you have achieved.

Continue with your weight loss goals, and throw out the distorted body image you have of yourself.


At 500 lbs, Francis Opts for Gastric Bypass

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Due to weighing 500 pounds, Francis is at risk of heart attacks. His weight is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle of overeating and lack of exercise. As a way to save his life from an early heart attack, Francis undergoes gastric bypass where his stomach is made smaller.