Extreme Dieting

Celebrities Victoria Beckham and Beyonce are one of few celebrities to vouch that they have at one time or another tried a form of extreme dieting. Whether these are fad diets or not, they continue to have a following because they tend to produce quick results without the work.

Before trying out any of these extreme forms of dieting, please consult with your private physician.

  • Lemon Detox Diet – squeezed lemons, tree syrup, and cayenne pepper for 7-10 days
  • Celebrity Slim – two meal replacements for 7 days
  • Cabbage Soup Diet – consume cabbage soup as much as possible each day
  • Quick Cleanse 7 Day Detox – no coffee, alcohol, dairy, sugars, meat for 15 days (while taking cleansing pills)


What we fail to understand is why we have become such gluttonous pigs when it comes to alcohol and sugared coffees. These tend to bring on a world of hurt that throws your energy and concentration levels out of routine. Don’t forget the expanding waistline too when you are partying hard or working overtime.

Obesity Linked to Being Poor

If you are working a minimum wage job, you have a higher chance of becoming obese. Why? Because you are constantly worrying about paying off your bills that you have little time to take care of your body and get healthy.

Also, when your refrigerator is not stocked with food, you are more likely to overeat every chance you get because you have no idea when the next full meal will come. Having full access to food allows you to take care of more important things than worrying about going hungry.

Countries with high levels of job and income security have much lower overweight population.


Hold the Veggie Dip

Most veggie dips are fat traps with over 100 calories per tablespoon. If you are serious about losing weight, you have to be careful with condiments that are loaded with oil, sodium, and sugar.

100 calories more than you need for 365 days will add an extra 10 unwanted pounds to your weight.

Avoid the veggie dip trap.

Gym Class for Adults – Jazzercise

YouTube Preview Image

The new hip thing to do is to join a gym class and follow the moves of fitness instructors. This phenomenon sweeping across the country is called Jazzercise where members build cardio strength by grooving to music at an intense sweat breaking pace.

Get off your couch and go dance!

Jack Black’s Diet

Jack Black is on a mission to lose 50 pounds in 2011 by limiting his intake of quarter-pounders with cheese. He also might opt for the extreme of eating raisins only (jokingly).


We wish Jack Black the best of luck with his weight loss. It will be inspirational to see his complete transformation after losing 50 lbs. Can he be the next Jennifer Hudson?