Obesity Prevention Tips # 13 – Write Down What You Eat

Write down what you eat for a full week and analyze all the bad food that you can eliminate from your diet. Remove these food items from your sight or throw them out completely if you are serious about losing weight.

Overweight individuals that have no idea why they keep adding on weight have no excuse as to not knowing what they eat or consume everyday, including the types of liquids they drink.

It is very important to keep a food log to help you lose the weight (this is very similar to the process of professional bodybuilder keeping a workout log). When you take on any kind of serious commitment whether it is work, exercising, dieting, or creating new recipes, there needs to be record keeping. Log it, and push forward.

Hugo Chavez Loses Weight

Hugo Chavez has lost 20 kg (or 44 pounds) with a more active lifestyle and watching what he eats.

His own success has encouraged him to call upon his country’s people follow in his footsteps of healthy eating and weight loss.

A leader that cares about how unhealthy you maybe or how obese you have become is a good leader.


Smoking Promotes Abdominal Weight Gain and Fat

Are you gaining more weight around the mid section / abdominal areas in relation to your overall weight gain?

The answer may lie in that you smoke too much. Clinical research has shown that “smoking is a risk factor for abdominal obesity“.


Stop smoking if you are working hard on losing weight. The additional benefits is that you will no longer encounter shortness of breath during workouts.

Diseases of the Obese

These diseases are associated with obesity.

  • Diabetes – blood sugar level is not in balance where its levels are too high. Can lead to many complications if left untreated
  • High Blood Pressure – can lead to stroke and heart failure
  • Joint Pain – aches and pains in your bones
  • Back Pain – can be immobilizing if very painful

If you are not looking forward to dealing with these obesity related diseases, then start losing weight. Getting to these later stages is worst then just being obese.

Carrie Underwood’s Fitness Secret

Carrie Underwood was never a big girl when she first graced the television screen as an American Idol contestant.

She has always been a vegetarian from her love for animals.

Dropping the few pounds to get to a smaller size involves a big exercise ball, and being extremely knowledgeable of what she eats. She writes down every little detail of meals to eat healthy and lose weight.


You may think that all vegetarians have it easy when it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance, but you still have to choose the right dressings, and watch meal portions like a hawk.