Empty Calories – Sweets and Sugars

Losing weight requires you to make lifestyle changes such as watching what you eat. The easiest bad foods to eliminate from your diet are sweets and sugars because they naturally add on weight without helping your feel fuller.

Calories are the basis of what makes your body functional, giving you energy to perform at your best. When you are consuming sweets and sugars (candy, soda, fruit juice, and cookies), these empty calories do not necessarily provide you with fuel leaving you hungry and craving for more. Now with excess calories in your system, your body will automatically convert the calories to fat.

This is exactly not what you want when on a diet or weight loss plan. Start to take notice of what you put into your body.

If a food / snack fits into the empty calories food group, do not eat it and swap in something else.

Donna Simpson – World’s Heaviest or Fattest Woman (Her Quest)

Donna Simpson is no doubt a very very big woman. She currently holds the Guinness world record for being the heaviest woman to give birth, and on a quest to become the heaviest (or fattest) woman in the world.

Donna Simpson Sitting in Kitchen

Donna Simpson is sitting in the kitchen perhaps washing or drying dishes.

Donna Simpson with Friends

Donna Simpson pictured here with two girl friends.

YouTube Preview Image

Enjoy a video of Donna Simpson just being herself, eating and spending quality time with her husband and daughter. Her quest to reach 1,000 pounds and become the heaviest/fattest woman in the world will soon be reached.

YouTube Preview Image

Donna Simpson visits Howard Stern and enjoys the interview. Learn about some big girl secrets such as Donna shopping at www.AmpleStuff.com for her plus size necessities. She also gives a little preview of her members only website with over a thousand members. Part 1 of 5.

YouTube Preview Image

Donna Simpson interviewed by Howard Stern. They get into details of what Donna Simpson eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, they discuss her dieting past and her difficulties at reaching her goals. Part 2 of 5.

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Howard Stern talks to Donna Simpson’s husband Phillippe Gouamba. They discuss his upbringing, then dive into the psychology behind loving Donna Simpson and her fat. Phillippe’s fat fetish is as known as feeders. Part 3 of 5.

YouTube Preview Image

Donna Simpson responds to Howard Stern’s callers. Some callers are worried about her health, and some are typical Howard Stern callers. Part 4 of 5.

YouTube Preview Image

Donna Simpson’s interview concludes. Howard thanks Donna and Phillipe for being on the show. Part 5 of 5.

We wish Donna Simpson would stop what she’s doing to herself for the enjoyment of others.

Obesity Prevention Tips # 3 – Add Muscle

Muscles are naturally more efficient at burning calories whether they are moving or stationary as compared to fat.

Even if you don’t see the results of your muscles developing under layers of fatty tissue from light weight lifting, rest assure that they are there and burning calories faster than fat deposits around your stomach, hips, thighs, arms, butt, and other areas of your body.

Fat is storage for unused energy sources. If you can’t control your eating habits, then at least start working out to add more muscle to start burning more calories than you put into your body.


Mischa Barton’s Weight Loss

From the time Mischa Barton had been photographed in her bloated state (wisdom tooth story, or too many late night after parties), she has trimmed down and lost a lot of weight.

There’s certainly no perfect image or weight in the celebrity business where everything is based on your looks. However, Mischa Barton should consult with a nutritionist once in a while to maintain balance rather being at extreme ends of the spectrum when it comes to weight fluctuations (because it is simply not good for the body in the long run).



Need a New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Each and every year, weight loss is ranked amongst the top 3 of all New Year’s resolutions. While it is great to be concerned about getting healthy at the start of a new year, you will definitely fail. Statistics indicate a 92% failure rate of all New Year’s resolutions.

Please don’t fall into the category, oh let’s get start tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. If you have any common sense about fitness or dieting, you can start immediately right now.

If you are still waiting after the New Year to start losing weight, you will have already lost 5 days of working out, cutting down calories, and learning habits to replace bad habits. The important thing is to take action, and stop waiting for the perfect day, or even the next hour.

Be serious about it, do it now and do it with consistency! Stop thinking about all the what if’s, because it will never come to those who wait.