Brown Fat Weight Loss

Recent studies have shown that we humans have two types of fat deposits. Brown fat, and white fat. The big difference is that the brown fat burns more calories than white fat.

Babies when they are first born have typically the most brown fat, because the baby’s body needs to produce an enormous amount of heat when exiting the womb into a new environment as a survival mechanism.

Scientist and researchers are working hard at finding solutions to activate the brown fat that each and everyone of us have. Imagine the day when we can take a supplement to activate the brown fats for a few hours and allow it to slowly burn off the normal fat deposits.

Overweight individuals have new hope in the foreseeable future of science and weight loss.,8599,1890175,00.html


Danica Patrick Diet

Danica Patrick’s diet helps her maintain a lean strong driving machine body. Danica’s secret is a high protein diet (lean meats, beans, soy, and low-fat dairy).


  • 3 egg white omelets
  • bowl of oatmeal (not instant oatmeal to maintain complex carbs) with cinnamon, flax meal, brown sugar
  • scoop of peanut butter on the side


  • Open-face turkey sandwich (lettuce, tomato, mustard)
  • Sometimes a slice of cheese


  • Apple or
  • Whole-wheat toast with peanut butter


  • Eat what you want, but healthy

Danica Patrick’s diet avoids processed white flour (white bread, cookies) and simple sugars. Remember racing fans! That’s the key to a great body.,,20274690,00.html

500 Pictures of Weight Loss Success

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If you didn’t see the staggering number of people achieving weight loss success, you wouldn’t believe that anything is possible. Let’s just say anyone who wants to be thinner, can and should today.

Late Night Lights Make You Fat

Still indulging in partying into the late night hours? Before you do it too often and too many days in a row, you are advised to watch your expanding waistlines.

Researcher have shown that mice with extended hours of lighting causes havoc to their eating habits and increase weight gain of 50% more than the control group.

Will we ever lose all the weight we want? Very unlikely considering that light is emitted throughout our living spaces in the forms of televisions, computers, and even night lights.

Habits, Not Genetics, Determine Whether Your Kids Are Overweight or Not

According to an extensive study of 1,003 Michigan 6th graders by the University of Michigan, the findings help conclude that poor lifestyle choices contribute to childhood obesity.

What are the choices that obese children make?

  • 58% watch 2 hours of TV
  • 45% ate school lunch
  • Little regular exercise, not on a sport team
  • Drink soda
  • Don’t remember eating vegetables