Diet or Exercise?

Diet wins by a mile. What you eat or what you don’t eat is much more effective than exercising.

On average you burn 100 calories per 10 minutes of intense exercise. Before you decide to have a soda or water, think about how much time you are saving by going with water.

Save yourself the trip to the gym, and start watching what you eat closely if you want to lose that extra few pounds.

NBA’s Ben Gordon Loses 15 Pounds

NBA’s Ben Gordon loses 15 pounds with a vegetarian diet. He managed to slim down from 200 pounds to 185 pounds by working with a chef who helps to keep his vegetarian options creative and tasty.

Ben Gordon Vegetarian Diet
Ben Gordon Vegetarian Diet–now-he-hopes-to-make-the-warriors-020945478.html

Losing Weight is Expensive Because Healthy Food is Expensive

Losing weight can be an expensive goal because replacing the empty calories of junk food with fruits and vegetables can 10 times the final cost to meet the nutrition requirements of 1,000 calories.

If the governments wants its citizens to become healthier, and fight off the obesity epidemic then taxing junk food will lead nowhere while healthy food continues to be extremely expensive. The real solution is to subsidize fruits and vegetable farmers to the point of making them rich to produce excess fruits and vegetables for all Americans.

We would all be eating our apples and broccoli everyday if we can afford it.

Obesity Gene Eliminated from Mice

Scientist have found and completely eliminated the fat gene from mice. The gene is I kappa B kinase epsilon, or IKKε. Without this gene, mice burns through fatty diets and food at a much higher rate, even raising the its body temperatures.

This could be the breakthrough that scientist have been looking for to create anti-obesity drugs that can regulate and minimize the production of the I kappa B  kinase epsilon gene. Can we expect a wonder drug that can rev up metabolism, and literally burn away the fat from our bodies in the near future?


Imagine a world of skinny people all sitting on couches drinking beer, snacking on junk food with the body of supermodels all thanks to the new wonder drug that will eventually be derived from the IKKE gene discovery. These food industries would gladly fund the IKKE gene research in order to sell more of their food and drinks to a bunch of forever skinny consumers if they were ever given the opportunity to do so.

Soda Linked to Obesity

Even without studying and surveying 40,000 participants, we could have told you that drinking soda on a regular basis will increase your chances of becoming obese. Soda provides no nutritional value that the body needs, while just adding into the your body unnecessary sugar that converts easily to fat.

Say no to soda, and drink water.

Soda Tax may soon be a reality as more research, and health professionals jump on the bandwagon of a president (Obama) that cares about the national health of its citizens.