Morning Banana Diet

The Japanese Morning Banana Diet is easy to follow:

  1. Eat up to 4 fresh raw bananas (not the overly ripe type).
  2. Eat whatever you want at lunch. Absolutely no desert, and no sugars. Chew slowly.
  3. Drink only room temperature water throughout the day. Again, no soda, nor juice either.
  4. Snack at 3 pm. Avoid ice cream, donuts, and potato chips.
  5. Eat whatever you want for dinner. Nothing after 6PM. Definitely never after 8PM.
  6. Get to bed by 12AM midnight. People who don’t sleep enough gain weight.
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A video of a Korean girl who have successfully loss weight on the morning banana diet. It is important to note that she does a lot of stretching as well for over 6 months. Now that’s the type of body toning, and weight loss to die for.

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Weight Loss Before and After Transformations at Its Best

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When you are tired, and want to give up on dieting. Think again because you too can slim down and start walking on sunshine!

Extreme Dieting

Celebrities Victoria Beckham and Beyonce are one of few celebrities to vouch that they have at one time or another tried a form of extreme dieting. Whether these are fad diets or not, they continue to have a following because they tend to produce quick results without the work.

Before trying out any of these extreme forms of dieting, please consult with your private physician.

  • Lemon Detox Diet – squeezed lemons, tree syrup, and cayenne pepper for 7-10 days
  • Celebrity Slim – two meal replacements for 7 days
  • Cabbage Soup Diet – consume cabbage soup as much as possible each day
  • Quick Cleanse 7 Day Detox – no coffee, alcohol, dairy, sugars, meat for 15 days (while taking cleansing pills)

What we fail to understand is why we have become such gluttonous pigs when it comes to alcohol and sugared coffees. These tend to bring on a world of hurt that throws your energy and concentration levels out of routine. Don’t forget the expanding waistline too when you are partying hard or working overtime.

Fat Kids Blame Parents

Although fat kids can’t say it to their parents faces, but inside they all know it is the parents’ faults at encouraging bad eating habits that will result in the kids becoming fatter and wider than their classmates. In addition, this will build up into a vicious cycle where being laughed at for being fat and stuffing too many cupcakes down per meal will result in them finding comfort in eating more food.

If you have a child in your care who is overweight or obese, stop everything and take a look at the mirror of yourself. Yes, you are making them fat and giving them an early death because you are a terrible parent when it comes to feeding them healthy foods.

There’s nothing worst for your child than going through life at 13 years old and 200 pounds. Love them by taking away the hamburgers, fries, and junk food.

Shawn Johnson’s Diet

Shawn Johnson’s diet is all about power, energy, and endurance allowing her to train 4 hours every day. Her training relies 100% on her own body weight (push-ups, sit-ups, squat jumps, and pull-ups).


  • Yogurt and scrambled eggs


  • Wrap or salad with fruits


  • Strawberries are Shawn Johnson’s favorite


  • Lots of fish or chicken and fresh vegetables