Jack Black’s Diet

Jack Black is on a mission to lose 50 pounds in 2011 by limiting his intake of quarter-pounders with cheese. He also might opt for the extreme of eating raisins only (jokingly).


We wish Jack Black the best of luck with his weight loss. It will be inspirational to see his complete transformation after losing 50 lbs. Can he be the next Jennifer Hudson?

Fat Fiction, Weight Loss Literature

Studies have shown that kids who read stories about weight loss, or taking care of their overall health tend to reduce their BMI. The key lies in the motivation, and arming them with real applicable life examples of how to get fit instead of wallowing in rolls excess fat deposits.

Young minds are very impressionable, all they need it to be shown the right way to stay healthy instead being bombarded by junk food commercials.


Maria Sharapova’s Diet

When we say Maria Sharapova’s diet, we mean it in a very general sense as representative of healthy eating because many athletes do not necessarily want to diet and lose any weight but rather develop lean strong muscles.

Watch a video for Shape Magazine where Maria Sharapova shares a sneak peak into maintaining a balanced diet before tennis matches.

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  • Keep a well balanced diet days before [tennis] matches
  • Recovery foods, a mixture of carbohydrates, protein (pasta, steak)
  • Don’t necessarily be too picky. Enjoy good healthy food.

Translated to mean: Yes, as a top athlete Maria Sharapova does watch her diet closely. She will be the first to tell you that two scoops of ice cream, double fried donuts, french fries, and a soda is not a healthy meal.

Fat Houses, an Illegal Practice

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On the other side of the obesity spectrum, there are fat houses in Nigeria where women are fattened up like livestock in a 3 month time period. Purpose? Make her fat, so she can get married. The tradition is illegal, but there are still enough retards in the world to perpetuate this practice of body mutilation.

Applying Tiger Woods’ Shortcomings to Weight Loss

Tiger Woods had the world on his finger tips, and all it took was a few missteps to have his world turn upside down. Hit a hydrant and a tree with an SUV, then everything turns into a media circus with three women turning up talking about alleged affairs. It may all turn out to be false allegations, but the lessons that dieters can take away from this is to stay focused.

  • Tiger Woods may have lost focus in his role as a family man. (When dieting, stay focus. Think about, and control your portions.)
  • What Tiger Woods did is considered cheating. (When you sneak a soda, or cookie into your meals, you too are cheating.)
  • Tiger Woods took the route of instant gratification, and backfired. (Losing weight is and cannot be instant, you have to set a long term goal instead of yo-yo dieting.)

We all hope that Tiger Woods will be back on track very soon.

If you have fallen off your weight loss program. Refocus and commit yourself fully, because it will all work out for the better at the end.