Obese Individuals Are in Denial

75% of obese people rate themselves with “health as good, very good or excellent”.


If this is true, we wonder when was the last time these questionaire takers took the stairs instead of the escalators. A normal person should be able to get up a flight of stairs without overexerting themselves.

Real change can only come about when each and every obese person accepts the reality of being obese, and it health consequences. Is your next priority a tasty cheese burger, or a stronger heart?

Possible Junk Food Tax

Unhealthy eating and foods continue to contribute to the obesity epidemic the same way that smoking contributes to increase incidences of lung cancer. While food corporations make money off sugar water and snacks, they help to create a vicious cycle of obese consumers who cannot control themselves from opening a pack of potato chips or downing a couple of cheap carbonated sugar drinks.

Health experts want to curb the cost of obesity and diabetes by proposing a tax over junk food, and apply that extra money to subsidize and promote healthier foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.


Blair Underwood Loses 20 Pounds

Your body belongs to you, and you can do whatever you want. But do you really want to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks by starving yourself?


Blair Underwood took an extreme route to lose 20 lbs fast by not eating. Well, he did have “lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper”.

Commuting by Bike to Stay Fit

If you have a chance, ditch the car. This may sounds very hard to do if you happen to be overweight, but think of the outcome and benefits of shedding unwanted pounds and staying fit.

Mary Wisniewski has a great of list of the “12 BEST things about bike commuting”


Reading the list brings out the true joy and fun that you can recapture with a bike before adult responsibilities took over.

The Secret Behind Prevention Magazine’s 400 Calorie Meal Plans

The 400 calorie meals and entree dishes look absolutely stunning throughout the book.

So what’s the secret behind this amazing diet that will help you lose weight?

  • No soda or fruit juice! Drink water.
  • Say no to empty calories to help stay under 1,600 calories each day to ensure successful weight loss by eating these meals.