Chinese Liquid Diet – Eastern Weight Loss Secrets

The Chinese liquid diet has been working and keeping the people of China slim for over 5000 thousand years. The Chinese people follow this unique liquid diet religiously, and enjoy it every day.

What is secret to the Chinese Liquid Diet?

  • Congee (or Rice Gruel or Rice Porridge) helps to fill you up and rehydrate your body’s muscles and organs.
  • Congee can be sweet, salted, with or without meats depending on your taste buds and creativity.
  • Extremely low in calories where you can piss it all out in one quick trip to the restroom.
  • Flushes out fatty toxins.

Enjoy a video of how you can prepare tasty congee in 10 minutes.

YouTube Preview Image

A good healthy alternative to the Chinese Liquid Diet is Old Fashioned Quaker Oats. Try having only oatmeal for a week as breakfast, and you are guaranteed to lose weight.

Weight Loss Contests Inspired by The Biggest Loser

Have you found your local weight loss boot camp yet? Does your company organize weight loss competitions among peers?

Do the words “Fat Cow” upset you?


“It’s not about where you start but the direction you’re headed and how you get there.” – Ryan Hite (physical trainer, weight loss boot camp leader)

Thanks to the popularity of the Biggest Loser, losing weight does not have to be a lonely activity anymore. It is healthy and fun!

Fat Houses, an Illegal Practice

YouTube Preview Image

On the other side of the obesity spectrum, there are fat houses in Nigeria where women are fattened up like livestock in a 3 month time period. Purpose? Make her fat, so she can get married. The tradition is illegal, but there are still enough retards in the world to perpetuate this practice of body mutilation.

Weight Loss Shirt – The Mountain Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt

Scientists have been perplexed at the phenomenon of the weight loss results produced by the mystical Three Wolf Moon t-shirt. Customers swears by the results. See for yourself of the before and after pictures posted by happy weight loss customers.

She lost 10 pounds and gave up smoke by wearing the Three Wolf Moon shirt.

Even with a beer belly, the fat deposits around the abdominal area will melt away with the weight loss shirt.

The Three Wolf Moon shirt motivate this celebrity to hit the gym, and regained his muscular form back.

Endorsed and worn by weight loss professionals alike. The Three Wolf Moon t-shirt’s weight loss powers are limitless.

Warning: Don’t wear the Three Wolf Moon weight loss shirt for too many days, as the weight loss results can be drastic and fatal.

Zach Galifianakis Weight Loss Secret

Hangover funny man, Zach Galifianakis, loses an estimated 50 pounds.

His weight loss secret:

Give up beer and other alcohols. Did you know that alcoholic beverages is basically sugar water?