Campbell Soups Reduce Sodium

Campbell soups are reducing their sodium content to adhere to FDA guidelines that help in the effort of fighting childhood obesity. Its newer recipes call for a reduction of 45% in sodium.

You should always watch your sodium consumption by reading food labels, and apply the +20% rule because food manufacturer are allowed that enormous margin of error (more like gap than a margin) on labeling ingredients.

China’s New Wave of Fat Camps For Obese Kids

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Summer life is not easy for these kids who are sent off to fat camp by their parents in hopes of helping them lose fat. Many of these Chinese kids grow up being fed repeatedly by over loving parents and grandparents as the only child in the family. Now they are paying the price of the obesity epidemic.

Lose Weight While Sleeping

The human body is a complex machine. It requires a good amount of sleep to regulate itself and to get all the hormones functioning at optimal levels.

Lack of sleep triggers hormones leptin, ghrelin and cortisol in your body to crave for fatty foods and carbohydrates. These hormones control your appetite directly and a lack of sleep puts them into high gear where you are feeling more hungry than necessary.


Hypothetically, the major reason that parents of new born babies experience a rapid weight gain is that their adult sleeping patterns are constantly disrupted by a crying baby.

Then how do you explain celebrity moms that lose weight quickly after give birth? That would be an idiotic question because they have the time and money to work with personal trainers, chefs who cater to their every dietary need, and full nannies that tend to the baby 24/7. A celebrity mom’s sleep is never interrupted unless they allow themselves to be interrupted at night by the baby.

Steven Seagal Weight Gain

What we all remember best is Steven Seagal as the action star breaking tough guys’ arms and legs every chance he gets.

Weight gain is not one of the movie memories. However, as Steven Seagal has gotten older, his weight has gradually increased.

Remember that as we age, our metabolisms slow down. Plus, we become less active the older we get. To control weight gain, we have to watch what we eat.

Holly Madison Diet

Holly Madison looks good because she eats like a champion.


  • Protein bar and coffee


  • Chicken caesar salads
  • Hamburger and fries


  • Fruits


  • Sushi rolls, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura rolls

We have to admire Holly Madison for a great job at portion control that helps her maintain her figure.