Obese Individuals Are in Denial

75% of obese people rate themselves with “health as good, very good or excellent”.


If this is true, we wonder when was the last time these questionaire takers took the stairs instead of the escalators. A normal person should be able to get up a flight of stairs without overexerting themselves.

Real change can only come about when each and every obese person accepts the reality of being obese, and it health consequences. Is your next priority a tasty cheese burger, or a stronger heart?

Michelle McManus Weight Loss

Michelle McManus of Pop Idol fame continues her journey to lose weight. Her dramatic weight loss has left her with excess that normally would have required surgery to remove it. However, she has found a new alternative in working with trainer Ros Elrick to help sculpt the muscles and pull in all the excess skin.

This is pretty unbelievable, and we hope to see Michelle McManus pull of the feat without surgery. This will give many people who have retained the excess skin new hope without seeking out expensive surgery.


Kim Benson’s Amazing 213 Pounds Weight Loss

YouTube Preview Image

Natalie Morales of the Today Show sits down with Kim Benson to discuss her amazing journey to lose over 213 pounds. See how failure at dieting makes us stronger, and eventually you will succeed too.

Obesity Invades France

Obesity has reached France, a country that once prided itself of small portions and lots of leafy greens. More of the country has assimilated to “exercising less, eating more fast food, and landing more service jobs where time is spent sitting at a desk”.


Vive la France or Vive le Croissant?

Habits of the Obese

Do these habits describe you? If any of these habits describe you, then it is time to change.

  1. Use the largest plate.
  2. Eat while facing the buffet.
  3. Shovel and inhale food.
  4. Clean their plates.
  5. Chew fast, and less number of times.
  6. Dive right in instead of being more selective.
  7. Skip breakfast.



It is a bit ironic to conduct an obesity study at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Fighting obesity shouldn’t be a science as the article can be summarized in two points.

  • Don’t stack your plates with food.
  • Don’t skip breakfast.