Gabourey Sidibe Dieting Since 6 Years Old (Definitely Failed)

Gabourey Sidibe, who plays Clareece in the movie Precious appeared on Oprah and discussed openly about being a big girl. She appears very confident with herself talking about the period she hated herself and being mad all the time due to her size. (watch the Oprah interview with Gabourey Sidibe)

It is great that she can carry on such a great facade in front of a televised audience, but any medical professional would argue that she needs to lose weight or face an early death by food. It sucks that Oprah gives her false hope without providing any type of guidance, because Gabourey Sidibe has failed miserably at controlling her weight and someone needs to help her. Of all people, Oprah should know better about the real thoughts going through that young impressionable mind of Sidibe’s because of her interview with Star Jones.

Oprah, stop thinking about the fact that she plays a very good fat character, and can help your firm cash in from the box office with the movie Precious because you are simply playing with her life. (Chris Farley was confident, famous, and had it all. With a snap of the finger, he was dead because he struggled with losing weight more than anything.)

Money is not everything, you can’t take it with you. Help her live.

Fat Does Not Make Us Fat, But Carbs and Sugar Does

Refined carbohydrates such as flour, bread, cookies, pasta and potatoes can give us up to 60 teaspoons of sugar every a day. If you plan on losing weight of any kind, stay away from carbs as much as possible.

Sugar is indeed more of a serious threat to our health than fatty foods.

If you are dieting or concerned about your heart health, think again before eating “white bread, croissants, muffins”.

The Consequences of Gaining Weight

We have to appreciate the fact that this guy gained over 90 pounds on purpose to participate in a reality TV show. (Do we have another K-Fed wannabe here?)

It is a bit painful to watch him go from fab to flab in a 6 month period. This type of faking obesity is shameful because it doesn’t compare with a person who has been overweight for years or their whole life. We can bet that the fat didn’t have enough time to reach and build up around his ankles yet.

YouTube Preview Image

This trainer (or the possible reality tv show) should be nominated for the Darwin Awards for literally destroying his body and inflicting bodily mutilation through food.

Star Jone’s Weight Loss

Star Jone’s opted for gastric bypass surgery to help her lose weight. In three years, she has lost 160 pounds. While she hid the bypass surgery from her audience, her popularity dwindled and was eventually let go from The View.

She discusses in full detail with Oprah about her public weight battle, and the constant battles of feeling unhappy and alone.

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At 160 lbs lighter, Star Jones is now actively attending Pilates classes to help tone and sculpt her overall body.

Obesity Prevention Tips # 1 – Walking

If you are obese, chances are that you live in an area that is not very walking friendly. Going from one store to the next requires a car.

Sell the car. The car is the bane (that which causes ruin or woe) of all obesity.

Move to a metropolitan city with big sidewalks. The Northeast ranks high with some of the fittest cities. (Scan the picture of times square, how many obese individuals can you count?)


Metropolitan areas make owning a car next to impossible. Retrain yourself to rely on walking to your destinations instead of driving where you sit for hours without any type of activity.

Humans are transient beings. If you sit around too much, fat will automatically gather around your legs and much more.