White Flour is Terrible for your Weight Loss

White flour is a processed and refined carbohydrate that have been stripped of fiber. The lack of fiber leads to overeating and the feeling of less satisfied.

How many times have you had more than a few cookies, and did not feel full?

Cookies are a double dose of whammy because it is white flour combined with sugar. Would you rather pass on a cookie, or run 60 minutes on a treadmill?

Losing weight does not have to be harder than it is. Watch what you eat, and eat in moderation.

Morning Banana Diet

The Japanese Morning Banana Diet is easy to follow:

  1. Eat up to 4 fresh raw bananas (not the overly ripe type).
  2. Eat whatever you want at lunch. Absolutely no desert, and no sugars. Chew slowly.
  3. Drink only room temperature water throughout the day. Again, no soda, nor juice either.
  4. Snack at 3 pm. Avoid ice cream, donuts, and potato chips.
  5. Eat whatever you want for dinner. Nothing after 6PM. Definitely never after 8PM.
  6. Get to bed by 12AM midnight. People who don’t sleep enough gain weight.
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A video of a Korean girl who have successfully loss weight on the morning banana diet. It is important to note that she does a lot of stretching as well for over 6 months. Now that’s the type of body toning, and weight loss to die for.

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Sugar is the Bane of Weight Loss

Sugar is so bad that it will ruin your every weight loss attempt.

No matter how many days that we go to the gym, the empty calories of sugar will spoil all the time we spend at the gym. We have to reprogram our thought process and taste buds to completely eliminate sugar from our food intake in order to have success with losing weight.

Sometimes we don’t think about it, but look around you and start putting away sugary snacks, or throw them out if you want to start losing weight.

You may not have totally eliminated sugar from your diet yet. You will eventually get there, and your body will thank you.

What Does Jeremy Lin Eat?

One thing you should know is that Jeremy Lin does not like to cook. For every meal that he eats, he must selectively choose the right combination of proteins to maintain an NBA physique that helps him endure the grueling 82 games schedule per NBA season.

Every day, he must consume 1 gram of protein for every pound he weighs, 8 servings of vegetables, and 5 large bottles of water (20 oz is about a large size bottle) to keep him energized for all the workouts that took him from an undrafted basketball player to the starting point guard of the New York Knicks.

A typical daily meal plan for Jeremy Lin


  • 5 eggs
  • Ham, turkey, or other lean meats

Post Workout

  • Protein shake with 30 grams of protein


  • Salad
  • Chicken breast, salmon, or turkey sandwich


  • Protein shake
  • Large salad, or pasta and chicken

It is important to note that Jeremy Lin’s diet avoids red meat, or fatty cuts of meat. Avoids all junk food when possible.


Lose the Weight or Lose Your Job – French Government Style

French ministers have been trimming down around the waist area because working in the French government offices means you are under the direct influences of Nicolas Sarkozy’s weight loss program.


We can’t imagine a workplace where your job is always on the line if you don’t make the scale. It should only apply to professional athletes and supermodels because they are paid purely to perform and look good.

What if your biggest asset was your brain, would you starve your brain for the sake of looking lean and keeping your job?

Would you rather be governed by those who fear their weight or people who have a responsibility to the governed if you can’t have both?

Lose weight and get healthy because you want to do it for yourself, don’t let someone else dictate you into eating lettuce 3 meals a day (which is no better than someone calling you a “fat cow” just because they don’t have a weight problem).