Tim McGraw Weight Loss

Tim McGraw showed off his new body in Men’s Health magazine.

His weight loss secret:

  • Less drinking and partying.
  • Be consistent with the workouts
  • Do your pushups.
Tim McGraw Weight Loss
Tim McGraw Weight Loss



Chemical Imbalance Contributes to Weight Gain and Obesity

It is common for normal weight people to look down on heavyset individuals without even trying to understand why they are overweight. Discriminating against someone who gains weight because they can not control the feelings of hunger and urge to eat due to medication or being born with an altered brain chemistry imbalance is no different than mistreating another person due to their being born male or female.

There may be few clinical studies documenting one’s chemical imbalance causing people to eat more and more, but anecdotal evidence are littered throughout the internet retelling stories of individuals who experienced excessive weight gain when taking anti-depressant drugs (or similar medication trigger the chemical imbalance). As told: “Everything became difficult to concentrate on other than food”.

Once they were off the medication, they were able to lose the weight because the urges to eat the instant they felt hungry had disappeared.

There may be no perfect solution to fighting obesity, but there can be more acceptance of the fact that people are born different with issues beyond their control without even knowing it, such as having a bigger appetite and feeling hungry all the time.

Scared into Thinness With Swine Flu

If you are obese, you have more on your plate than you can handle. Shortness of breath, low energy, risk of heart attacks, diabetes, you name it, and you probably fear yourself contracting it one way or another.

While being obese already has a negative stigma of getting sick at any given moment, health officials have found that obesity also increases the risks of swine flu.

Could it be that over weight individuals tend to eat more pork? Or their immune systems are more susceptible to swine flu virus?


Gastric Bypass a Solution for Obesity and Diabetes

Anecdotal evidence supports that gastric bypass may be a solution for the morbidly obese and those suffering from diabetes. After the surgery, patients’ blood sugar levels drop after a few days. However, this is still a very invasive surgery.



It is always important to consider all the available options before selecting gastric bypass. If you don’t change your eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, no surgery or weight loss plan can stop you from slowly killing yourself with an extra helping of food.

Potty Training for Eating Fatty Foods

While orlistat is under the scrutiny of the FDA, let’s take a look at what it really does for people who take it regularly.



How does it stop the intestine from absorbing fat?

  • When the drug is in your system and you happen to unknowingly consume a fatty meal, start praying that you can find a clean bathroom near by.
  • The fat will be expelled from your system like kids flying down the water slides of Dorney Park.

Instead of having a parent around to give these overweight adults a slap for eating too many cookies in one sitting, the weight loss drug potty trains you to avoid overeating and fatty foods.

What do people really need? Not some miracle pill, but someone to instill discipline into them or give them a good scolding.