Obesity Prevention Tips # 13 – Write Down What You Eat

Write down what you eat for a full week and analyze all the bad food that you can eliminate from your diet. Remove these food items from your sight or throw them out completely if you are serious about losing weight.

Overweight individuals that have no idea why they keep adding on weight have no excuse as to not knowing what they eat or consume everyday, including the types of liquids they drink.

It is very important to keep a food log to help you lose the weight (this is very similar to the process of professional bodybuilder keeping a workout log). When you take on any kind of serious commitment whether it is work, exercising, dieting, or creating new recipes, there needs to be record keeping. Log it, and push forward.

Valerie Bertinelli Discusses Weight Loss Battle

Valerie Bertinelli sat down with CBS News Sunday Morning to discuss her bout with food due to her own insecurities. She has lost 40 pounds with Jenny Craig after she joined the program at 172 lbs. Now it is truly amazing that Valerie is sporting a bikini after her weight loss when she’s just a few months away from turning 50 years old.


Her next career goal? Inspirational weight loss book author? We will have to wait until she’s finished her first marathon.

Weight Loss Success – Vanessa Loses 32 Pounds

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YouTube user Vanessa loses 32 pounds with Herbalife. She created a video with picture of her at 137 lbs, and the final result at 116 lbs. She has since provided an update to the video description saying that she is now at 105 lbs.

Binge Eating 101

Many fat and overweight individuals suffer from binge eating. This is a fact, eating 3 salads for lunch is still considered binge eating.

The important thing is to find out the underlying reasons behind binge eating. Kristin Gerstley suffered from binge eating, and weighed as much as 190 pounds and lost nearly 60 pounds once she figured out that she had to stop binge eating.

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The morning show interviews Marie Zmich on her struggles as a binge eater, and the many bad choices she makes when she’s binging on any type of food. Food literally overtakes these individuals’ mindsets and they eat more than they need.

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A video of a binge eater in action. 2 cheeseburgers, 1 big mac, large fries, cup of noodles, liter of soy milk, 2 toasts with butter and jam in one sitting. This is really eating way too much.

Besides eating an unhealthy diet, binge eating can make you gain weight. Figure out why you over eat, and seek out help.

Genetics Lead to Childhood Obesity

Researchers studied genes in obese children, and genes found in skinny children. And concluded that there are “copy number variations” CNVs exclusive to European Americans and African Americans.

US News – Genetics Linked to Raised Risk of Childhood Obesity

While we can certainly continue to blame genetics for everything. Let’s take some liberty in imagining a scenario how the research could have been conducted (this might be going out on a limb as in no ways is it representative of how any of the research were actually conducted.)

Research group 1 (Obese Children)

  • Children are entertained with fried chicken, sodas, and all the candy they can eat while researchers ask the group participants questions and study their DNA.
  • Kids’ parents worry that they are hungry and feed the kids a few cookies while in the waiting rooms.

Research group 2 (Skinny Children)

  • Skinny children are provided water while researchers ask the group participants questions and study their DNA.
  • Kids’ parents give their kids fresh fruit.

At the end of one session, the obese children gained an extra pound while the skinny kids maintained their weight; and this had nothing to do with DNA or genetics.

What really matters is what you choose to continue to put into your body, and not the type of genetics that you are born with.