The Secret Behind Prevention Magazine’s 400 Calorie Meal Plans

The 400 calorie meals and entree dishes look absolutely stunning throughout the book.

So what’s the secret behind this amazing diet that will help you lose weight?

  • No soda or fruit juice! Drink water.
  • Say no to empty calories to help stay under 1,600 calories each day to ensure successful weight loss by eating these meals.

Fatty Foods Traumatize Rats

Scientists put rodents on a high-fat diet of bad foods, and the outcome is what we expect. After nine days of gluttony on fatty foods, the rats became overly sluggish and lost cognitive abilities.

The rats’ running stamina decreased by 50% when relegated to the fatty diet after the experiment. They made more mistakes in running maze patterns than rats on a low-fat diet.


Jenna Fischer Sheds 10lbs

Jenna Fischer took control of her weight after putting on an extra 10 pounds and became flabby by hiking more and cutting back on junk food.

Let’s not jump to conclusions that this is any ways a modern miracle, but 10lbs is start for overweight individuals. Jenna made small positive changes in her lifestyle and was able to achieve weight loss success.

Eliminate Belly Fat with Sit Ups

Forget it! You will not be losing any belly fat with just sit ups.

If this was remotely possible, all you would see it on The Biggest Loser would be contestants doing sit ups non-stop and plenty of product placements for As-Seen-on-TV abdominal machine gimmicks for $49.95

Sit ups will however help you develop muscle under the layers of fat (if you happen to be overweight).

Your goal however should be to lose overall body weight, and fat deposit with total body workouts.

Sam Smith Diet

Drop pounds like Sam Smith by starting with Amelia Freer’s book “Eat. Nourish. Glow.”

Sam Smith lost over 1 stone (14 pounds) in two weeks by following the book’s advice and guidelines.