Star Jone’s Weight Loss

Star Jone’s opted for gastric bypass surgery to help her lose weight. In three years, she has lost 160 pounds. While she hid the bypass surgery from her audience, her popularity dwindled and was eventually let go from The View.

She discusses in full detail with Oprah about her public weight battle, and the constant battles of feeling unhappy and alone.

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At 160 lbs lighter, Star Jones is now actively attending Pilates classes to help tone and sculpt her overall body.

Olivia Wilde’s Weight Loss Secret

Olivia Wilde reveals her secrets at staying fit and healthy to fit into “Tron: Legacy” skintight body suits.

Tron Girl’s Weight Loss Secrets:

  • Intense cardio workout and martial arts
  • No bread
  • No alcohol
  • She’s a vegan

That’s Olivia Wilde’s weight loss secret whenever she needs to drop 5 pounds in 2 weeks.

Fruit Juice is As Fattening as Beer

Fruit juice may be advertised as healthy, but the number of calories are as much as beer. Next time you crave fruit juice, go for the whole fruit that is unprocessed with all the minerals and vitamins still intact. (You know fruit juice is not what it appears when manufacturers have to inject extra vitamins into the juices to make it more appealing.)

Replace fruit juice with water and whole fruits, then you are well on your way of losing weight.


Just put down the juice if you ever want to succeed at losing weight or attain success at dieting. Watch this YouTube video to better understand why bottled fruit juice is not a health food.

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Alcohol is Your Enemy When Dieting

Alcohol is simply bad for your diet plans and goals. When you are doing everything to lose weight, make sure to avoid alcohol consumption as well.

These are the things that alcohol does to your body:

  • Forces carbohydrates and dietary fats into permanent fat storage in the body.
  • Eliminates important minerals vital to your health.
  • Adds empty calories.
  • Increase stomach acid, and damage stomach lining.
  • Lowers inhibitions and discipline to avoid bad foods.

The next time you look in a mirror and see a double chin staring back at you, then it is time to start lowering your alcohol consumption.


Dietgirl – Blog and Book on Lifestyle Changes for Successful Weight Loss

Weight loss is hard without lifestyle changes. If your mind is only centered around what you eat and activities, you will become miserable. Inspiration will come from many sources and none are more successful than true stories from individuals who have looked obesity in the eyes and changed themselves.


Stories like Dietgirl’s will inspire you. She took nearly 5 years to go from 351 lbs to 175.5 lbs while blogging through the many adventures that helped her become the happy person that she is today. It is an amazing transformation of what one can achieve through eureka moments and self acceptance.

The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl

You can also actively follow her at with regular blog post updates.