Weight Loss Success – Vanessa Loses 32 Pounds

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YouTube user Vanessa loses 32 pounds with Herbalife. She created a video with picture of her at 137 lbs, and the final result at 116 lbs. She has since provided an update to the video description saying that she is now at 105 lbs.

Jump Start the Day with a Big Breakfast to Lose Weight

Eating a big solid breakfast helps you lose weight because it is simply the most important meal of the day. After a full night’s rest, your body and mind demands to be recharged. Otherwise, it will start stripping energy from your muscles (thus destroying muscle tissue).

You will also experience less hunger throughout the day, and a decreased craving for snacks.

After an 8 month study, the group that ate a big breakfast had more energy, became more active and lost weight.



Shake Weight Sweeps Across the Nation

The Shake Weight as featured on Ellen has her working on toning the arms. The shaking motion is known as dynamic inertia. See Ellen provide a demonstration of the Shake Weight, and gives it away to her studio audience.

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Reminds us a little bit of the awesome fitness machines of the past.

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Fat Does Not Make Us Fat, But Carbs and Sugar Does

Refined carbohydrates such as flour, bread, cookies, pasta and potatoes can give us up to 60 teaspoons of sugar every a day. If you plan on losing weight of any kind, stay away from carbs as much as possible.

Sugar is indeed more of a serious threat to our health than fatty foods.

If you are dieting or concerned about your heart health, think again before eating “white bread, croissants, muffins”.


28 Eggs a Week to Lose Weight

Margaret Thatcher believed in looking her best when it came to campaigning. For two weeks before her win, she had eggs for breakfast, lunch. And a regular meal for dinner.


This eggs diet helped her towards the goal of losing 20 pounds.