Miranda Kerr Stays Fit on Vegetarian Diet

In order to maintain a thin, fit figure Miranda Kerr opts for mainly vegetarian food with small amounts of fish and chicken. Again, it is important to go back to the basics of eating unprocessed food with lots of fresh green vegetables.

Congrats to Miranda Kerr for maintaining a healthy lifestyle to meet the demands of modeling and looking good. Her fans should be proud and follow her example of eating healthy.


As a kid she participated in activities such as climbing trees instead of sitting around. Who in their right mind would call Miranda Kerr a tom boy today?

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3 thoughts on “Miranda Kerr Stays Fit on Vegetarian Diet”

  1. You can be a vegan- vegatarin by eating little amounts or more of fish but chicken I dont think that means your vegan thats just you are one just because you think u can or doesent know what the term means`. maybe it was misktaken .

  2. So basically shes not a vegetarian?
    A vegetarian diet is one that doesn’t consume animal flesh or dead animal by-products (fish also).
    Eating lots of varied vegetables/fruits with meat is just that, a varied diet. Not a meat restricting diet & lifestyle

    Vegetarian doesn’t even come from the word vegetarian but a latin word vegetus meaning ”vigoruous & lively” when it was coined.

    Just thought i’d clear it up for further readers as there is alot of misconceptions & stereotypes when it comes to vegetarians/vegans.

  3. One of Miranda Kerr’s favorite methods of controlling her weight is drinking lots of green tea with ginger.