Maria Sharapova’s Diet

When we say Maria Sharapova’s diet, we mean it in a very general sense as representative of healthy eating because many athletes do not necessarily want to diet and lose any weight but rather develop lean strong muscles.

Watch a video for Shape Magazine where Maria Sharapova shares a sneak peak into maintaining a balanced diet before tennis matches.

YouTube Preview Image
  • Keep a well balanced diet days before [tennis] matches
  • Recovery foods, a mixture of carbohydrates, protein (pasta, steak)
  • Don’t necessarily be too picky. Enjoy good healthy food.

Translated to mean: Yes, as a top athlete Maria Sharapova does watch her diet closely. She will be the first to tell you that two scoops of ice cream, double fried donuts, french fries, and a soda is not a healthy meal.

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2 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova’s Diet”

  1. A material girl vs one that wants it all… Same thing.

    Wonder, when Maria music career is going to get started (cans she sing or is she a moaner) or her cosmetic line (which could be listed on the NYSE and all of her fans could buy stock in her company and she’d be massively wealthy). Making her fans rich as well.

    What do you wanna bet she marries the guy she’s currently with and he’s not going to want her to get into business at all…. He’s going to say – “ah your here to take care of me and just dangle on my arm when we go to social events, so do spend the money to look pretty. As I can replace you in a minute (like that Beyounce song)”.

    Now, who wants to marry a rich and strong woman with a big mouth?

    Ask yourself, what kind of a tennis pro cusses on the court ? Sounds like a highly stressed out lady – who works out but apparently not working out some real mental issues. Do you suppose if her father was on the court would she be cussing – absolutely not. She is probably a mirror image of her mother and one has to wonder if she cusses a whole lot. A smart woman, is humble.

    Maria needs to knock that off and humble herself. That’s not at all professional. Tennis is about good sportsmanship, to lose their cool in front of fans is really lacking on the part of the individual.

    After all there are little kids in the stands and what she says – they’ll be repeating… So she had best SHUT UP on cussing and learn to love her game, which she’s clearly getting tired of playing as her body is telling her something. HER DIET IS KILLING HER.

    It’s in her genes to have some fat and just return to be a regular girl, not some super model. So yea, go ahead and eat like a squirrel, pretty soon you’ll be really squirrely and your husband will wonder what happened. She had it all together and then one day she like hit a wall.

    Go outside and look at a squirrel. In Kenton, Tennessee there are white ones.

    Go look at them their with that long tail and little bitty legs. Quite a sight if you ask me.

  2. She’s 22-23 years old and has lived that lifestyle for the last few years, at one point in her life she’s going to be defeated and somebody much younger is going to come along and take her place. She’ll fall in love and get married have a kid or two and if she’s smart she’ll adjust her diet to her new found weight.

    She will also look at her husband health and weight and conclude she must always stay in shape so if her husband ever dropped dead she could find another man in seconds flat or as she would prefer to be like most women and live single life forever. Which in my opinion, a smart lady doesn’t get married after 35. Financial and tax issues. Hence, any smart guy out there will just avoid ladies over 35, in lieu of a younger lady. It’s all about economics, older ladies have my physical problems, unlike older men who know how to eat right and live with in their means.

    Like they say a smart man goes to Ukraine to find a simple country girl who knows how to cook, clean and garden. Raising kids, that’s debateable, as what kind of a girl leaves her homeland for the USA ? A material girl or one who wants it all.