Kim Yu-Na’s Diet

Kim Yu Na employs a 1,200 calorie diet to maintain her weight for peak performances. Yu Na Kim’s diet has been scientifically designed to meet the demands of vigorous training, and to counter fatigue from skating workouts.


  • Steam rice and soup (keeps the body properly hydrated throughout the day)

Lunch & Dinner

  • Red fruits (strawberries, tomatoes, and cherries)
  • Protein-rich vegetables (beans, tofu, and soy milk)
  • Avoids meat, and gets protein from fish and vegetables (help to maintain muscular endurance)

Red fruits help to reduce lactic acid in the body during Kim Yu Na’s workouts.

To attain the Kim Yu-Na figure skater’s body, stick to the foods that have been scientifically proven to keep the body fit and trimmed.

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2 thoughts on “Kim Yu-Na’s Diet”

  1. Totally agree with the other commentor, she is an athlete who trains hard; her diet will look nothing like that of a sedentary person who wants to lose weight! Her training is what makes her figure, and she needs to eat a lot of calories to survive and recover from the amount of training needed to be a world champion and so on.

  2. Uh… That’s not possible. She burns more than 1,200 calories ice skating everday! Who made up this lie?