Keely Shaye Smith Weight Gain

Over the years as the Hollywood paparazzi followed Keely Shaye Smith and husband Pierce Brosnon around, they also captured Keely Shaye Smith’s weight gain.

She’s tall with a big frame. In the photos, the weight gain is evident from the time when the family posed for the RedBook cover.

Keely Shaye Smith appears very comfortable with her new weight. However, it would be a good idea to halt the weight gain, and eventually reverse the trend gradually. Should be easy enough for Keely to hire a nutritionist and personal trainer to get back in shape in no time.


In the before and after photo, you can see that Keely Bronson gained a lot of weight.

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56 thoughts on “Keely Shaye Smith Weight Gain”

  1. I commend her hubby for loving her through all her changes. that’s what true love is about. When all the physical is gone all that’s left is respect. I wish the media would leave people alone about their weight.

  2. Don’t hate because she has an extremely fine man that is still extremely, extremely attracted to her after all these years and after the weight gain. Go get your life and leave the woman alone!

  3. So, you feel that shaming her on social media will encourage her to “hire a nutritionist and personal trainer to get back in shape in no time”!! Just one statement, you’re an idiot! How about sharing your struggles for all to see and comment on. Pathetic!

  4. Losing such a huge amount of weight is extremely difficult.
    It is like coming off heroine.
    Anyone seen French Connection?
    That’s the kind of fight in store for her.
    She obviously doesn’t think that kind of fight is worth it.
    Remember. Life is too short.
    She is not an actress.
    She wants a stress free life.

  5. Here’s me smirking at Kristin’s comment about “Keely’s body shows her inner emotional pain… suffering from Binge Eating Disorder.” And then she goes on to offer an opinion about how medication and therapy can help her. Armchair psychiatrists/psychologists just make me laugh, but not in a funny way because of how dangerous they are to people who have *real* problems and listen to these quacks. For all you know there is a physical, medical reason for her weight gain that she cannot control no matter how much diet, exercise, or medication she takes. She seems pretty active with hubby and their kids, so it’s doubtful that exercise is the problem. But regarding Keely Shaye Smith-Brosnan’s weight gain… why speculate? She is who she is, and she is still a beautiful woman who is obviously loved by her handsome husband regardless of her weight. And good for her AND him. If she is happy and he is happy then the rest of the world should BUTT OUT.

  6. Keely’s body shows her inner emotional pain.
    I believe that she is suffering from Binge Eating Disorder.
    Medication and Therapy can help her.
    Keely may be using food to cope with unpleasant situations.
    Unfortunately, some people use unhealthy coping methods.
    Such as: alcohol, drugs, and food.
    Perhaps Keely’s drug of choice is food.
    Please don’t make fun of her. That is cold and heartless.
    This is a human being in distress.
    Let’s all hope that Keely can find the inner strength to get the help that she needs.