Keely Shaye Smith Weight Gain

Over the years as the Hollywood paparazzi followed Keely Shaye Smith and husband Pierce Brosnon around, they also captured Keely Shaye Smith’s weight gain.

She’s tall with a big frame. In the photos, the weight gain is evident from the time when the family posed for the RedBook cover.

Keely Shaye Smith appears very comfortable with her new weight. However, it would be a good idea to halt the weight gain, and eventually reverse the trend gradually. Should be easy enough for Keely to hire a nutritionist and personal trainer to get back in shape in no time.


In the before and after photo, you can see that Keely Bronson gained a lot of weight.

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56 thoughts on “Keely Shaye Smith Weight Gain”

  1. I see many haters here degrading Keely Shaye on her weight. What I seen in most of Keely’s photos with her husband Pierce. I see a man who truly adores his wife. Seems Pierce and Keely are soul mates. Pierce loves and adores his wife no matter what weight she is. They are always holding hands and always hugging and kissing. But both are also very content with each other going out together. Most Hollywood couples and regular couples you see on their own or with others. Pierce and Keely seem to be super happy being together and sharing their company with each other. I feel lots of people who are hating on Keely are just jealous of how happy she is and looks. How many women wish they had a husband who would love them no matter what size they are? How many women would wish to eat as much as they want and not have to work out. And no worry of your man leaving you or stop loving you because of your size? Keely doesn’t seem to have a problem with her husband. Pierce is obvious loves his wife unconditionally. And wouldn’t every woman wish they had a boyfriend or husband like that? Keely not only was a super hot babe in her youth. But she is still a beautiful woman no matter what size she is.

  2. Her weight gain could be seen as having let herself
    go, but one has to look deeper at the core reasons she has for continuing to carry
    so much extra weight.

    The food is meeting deeper needs. No one is ‘happy’ when they are overweight, out if shape. Her husband appears to love her AND accepts her as she is. Wow, she is blessed!

    When she decides to lose weight she eill, I am certain. Until then, I hope she is enjoying her life on her terms. I also applaud her for her bathing suit photos!

  3. Keely Shaye Smith is a beautiful lady. I think people should stop being mean and jumping to conclusions about her huge weight gain. It may not be related to over-eating at all but a medical condition called PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This condition can cause weight gain and obesity due to hormone ‘malfunction.’ One remedy (To stop her weight from getting out of control) may be a hysterectomy. (She and Pierce have children, so that choice would’n be so devastating for them.) Must say I really admire Pierce in staying in his marriage and being so devoted. Put’s my faith back in such wonderful, rare gentlemen.

  4. Shame on all of you who made the nasty, judgemental comments. Don’t you think she is aware of her weight? She might have gained due to thyroid issues, hormonal imbalance, menopausal, etc. Whatever. The fact that she is enjoying herself and smiling in a bathing suit or a sundress makes me love Keely. And Brosnan seems to love her as well. The majority of women in America are size 14, not prepubescent models.

  5. What I find pathetic is that smoking cigarettes does the amount of damage to your body as being about 100 lbs overweight. And many celebrities, who have children, are seen with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths yet we don’t see a big debate and criticism about how they are going to die young and that they need to stop for their children’s sake and that their husbands couldn’t possibly be attracted to them because smoking is so ugly. Everyone is different. The same way some men may find a woman smoking a cigarette sexy vs others who may find it disgusting and others may be indifferent, some men are attracted to thin women, some are indifferent and, yes, some in fact actually prefer fat, and to varying degrees of it. It is also true that exercise is high on the list of what matters when it comes to health. Being sedentary is terrible on the body. Keely is clearly not sedentary. I assure you that all the sedentary people, smokers, alcoholics, drug users, people who expose themselves to harsh chemicals, people who eat junk food (and happen to be thin despite it) and those perpetually unhappy are all unhealthier than Keely. If 60 extra pounds (give or take) is the only strike against Keely and she’s faring well in all those other categories, she’s pretty darn healthy. And rather attractive looking to me, that’s for sure. Oh and one more point, the comments that she can’t possibly like the way she looks and feels are absurd. In this great big world of people, I assure you there are also plenty of women who actually enjoy the feeling of extra weight on their bodies and/or the way their larger bodies look in the mirror.

  6. At Keely’s age, looks should not be an issue at all if her husband loves her. BUT her health is a good reason and I speak from experience. My husband and I both have metabolic syndrome which we battle daily. We’ve been married nearly 43 years and we love each more than ever. In our first two decades of marriage we each put on about 30 pounds but didn’t think much of it because we were both very active and our health was pretty good. In our late forties, arthritis and fibromyalgia began to slow us down. By our early fifties we began to gradually gain more weight until we were both 100 pounds overweight. Actually we were clinically obese, diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and on insulin shots. With our doctor’s help, we changed our lifestyle drastically and have each lost 60 pounds and dropped the insulin shots and some medications. We still have a way to go and it’s not easy to lose weight now that we’re over 60. If Keely wants to do something wonderful for her beloved husband, she will lose the weight now while she’s still young and fit enough to do so and they can grow old together. That’s one of the best reasons I know to lose weight. Could Keely die from being obese? I don’t know, but I’m certain that we came very close to it ourselves before we took some drastic measures.

  7. Um, this woman has no business wearing a bikini. I’m sorry but with the time/money and resources this catastrophe should be at the plastic surgeon, nutritionist, personal trainer/gym and hire a healthy meal delivery delivery service (Fit Kitchen). I can’t imagine this slob wanting to crawl on top of me naked.

  8. Has anyone noticed the pictures of her with her husband? He seems just as enamored with her as when they first got together. Way to go, Pierce, and Kelly just be yourself.

  9. All of the people who are saying she is obese and she will die soon. Just Stop!
    First of all, She is beautiful and she is a woman like all women whose body changes over time and with life..Like our mothers, our sisters, grand mothers and aunts.We all Age..We are aging from the moment we are born.Perhaps, it is not her size that many people are disgusted and that incite so much contempt. But the mere fact that she is has aged.People are funny and strange-They hate getting old..As if aging makes one a beast or pariah.Here is the thing people- life is a cycle and we must all embrace and celebrate what we are, and who we are no matter what stage of life we are in and old..We cannot control how we will age.Sure we can try to some how prolong the act of aging, and how we look in the years to come.But, we are all aging..and so cut the damn woman a break…In fact, i suggest, Embrace Aging and stop being so critical of people who do not age well and people who have no control of how their bodies change with aging..It is certain..No one can tell who will live to a ripe old age of 100 and more by being a size 0 or 2.

  10. Personally I’d be ashamed to be seen looking like that and would never let myself go like she has. There is no excuse for it. I find it funny that mostly fat people are the ones to bring up medical conditons. I would hazard a guess that TRUE medical conditions are a very small percentage of the grossly overweight people out there. I know people taking Prednisone who have not gained weight so that is not an excuse.

  11. Keely Brosnan is an absolute stunner. This woman is beautiful and she’s STILL married to Pierce Brosnan, a guy who can have any woman he want and still obviously wants his gorgeous wife. My husband doesn’t care that my weight fluctuates 40lbs since I am diabetic and on and off insulin. I’ve been as thin as 97lbs and as heavy as 216lbs. It’s the person you are inside that matters and Keely and Pierce seem to be pretty happy and content with one another. What I applaud Keely for is being a strong enough woman to put on a bikini and strut her stuff on the beach! You have to be in some kind of shape to boogie board! You go, Keely! Stand up for all of us other wives of outrageously handsome men who love us just the way we are!!

  12. She is beautiful and more power to her if she is happy in her body, but most people I know who are overweight have diabetes, knee problems, shortness of breath and take a lot of medications. It is really hard to exercise when you are overweight and you need to exercise your heart. Be healthy and live long.

  13. hi I was sorry to see all the weight gain for is a health issue and she needs professional wt help to get back to a normal is not healthy to look like she looks, still a young woman.

  14. People can say whatever they like about being overweight, but in the end, the reason fat people are upset (and they ARE) is because they KNOW it’s not only unhealthy to be fat but (again no matter what they say) they looked and felt so much better slimmer.. Period! Tired of hearing how some obese woman OR man is so still so beautiful or handsome. Actually, they’re not! How can u be beautiful when your features and your body’s shape are obscured by pounds and pounds of ugly fat?! It’s just an excuse for their weight and a free pass to continue to be fat or get fatter. And how can they be beautiful when their bodies are now afflicted with type 2 diabetes, probably high blood pressure, high cholesterol, aching bones and joints and numerous other health issues directly tied to their weight? Whether they admit it or not, they also wish they weren’t fat. To think otherwise is ridiculous! And, as a formerly fat young person, I am now an older slim person and know of what I speak. It was and is tough, but well worth it. Fat is NOT fabulous!

  15. A lot people here are trying to defend how heavy Keely has become. Putting on a few pounds as we age is normal. But this isn’t just a few pounds – Keely is huge and it’s both unhealthy and unsightly. There’s no excuse for this type of weight gain. If it’s a medical issue, there are plenty of ways to correct the problem(s). Quit making excuses for obesity. It is what it is, period.

  16. I agree that excess weight is a health issue. However, I am sure each and every one of us can be picked apart for one thing or another. How someone else chooses to live their life, no matter what heath issues are involved, is simply none of anyone’s business. They work for their money and can spend it however they like. Medical bills included. Move on, worry about the improvements that can be made in yourself and get a life of your own.

  17. Just saw photos of Keeley Shaye Smith in a bikini in Hawaii. Kissing her husband Pierce Brosnan. Those photos inspired me and gave me hope. How? After years of not dating because I am “fat”, hide myself at home and want to lose weight before dating, I realized life is short! I used to be a model until about 10 years ago. After a hysterectomy to remove a cancerous growth, and hormones gone wild, I went from 120 lbs to 175 lbs. Thought no one would want to date me. I was wrong. Pierce Brosnan is a wonderful, devoted husband to Keeley (Who is very beautiful) and, if she can gain (so much) weight and still have a terrific husband and marriage, gives others like me hope too. Carpe diem (Seize the day.)

  18. We ladies love being asked “Oh, have you lost weight?” and we absolutely hate being told that we’re bigger than we used to be. We all know when we need to lose weight and I think that a lot of the comments here are extremely hurtful and unkind.

  19. She looks happy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a papparrazi shot of Keely where she isn’t smiling. Perhaps that’s the secret to her having the love of Pierce Brosnan. Maybe she’s just a happy, beautiful, big woman who’s well loved and kindly treated. Pierce lost his first wife to cancer and just lost his daughter recently (she was only 41, I think) to cancer, also. Somehow he has been strong enough to get through both tragedies. I don’t know if he was always a good guy – it seems that way – but those sorts of tragedies tend to put life into perspective. He seems such a good guy who appreciates his wife no matter what her size. I wish more men were like this.That he’s seems to be so in love with her reminds me that there are men out there that love their women no matter what their shape. I honestly do think women are more forgiving of the sizes and looks of their aging partners than men, generally. I mean look at him. He’s no spring chicken. He brushes up well in a tux, however I saw a picture of him on the beach taken just recently and the gorgeous bond looks have now gone with age and he’s just a regular nice looking 60 year old man. Why is no one wondering how could keely love a man who has lost his looks? (I’m only joking there).

    I’m surprised by the rants about the example she is setting for her children in being fat. We have so many examples to set for our children. One of them might be that while being loving, kind, happy people we might also be fat.

    BTW, science has now shown that 25% of obese people will not go on to get high blood pressure or diabetes, or heart problems usually associated with obesity, but that 25% of thin people will. Being ‘a healthy weight’ is not always healthy. The fat can’t be seen on the outside in the case of the 25% of thin to normal weigh people but it has collected around and in their organs. It’s possible to be slim on the outside and fat on the inside. Doesn’t that just blow all the minds of ‘fat-haters?’ How are they going to know who to abuse about being unhealthy and a bad example if the fat is on the inside not on the outside?


  20. You know what just looking at her makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.
    But ten out of ten for her frolicking in the sea and not giving a damn.

    No body knows what goes on behind closed doors, but the look of love they are giving one another is clearly telling us that size doesn’t to them.

    And to think I won’t wear a bikini because I have varicose veins is clearly telling me that I am a bundle of insecurities. Memo to myself do something about it!!!

  21. I was a size 12 most of my life. Until 4 years ago. I have gained 75 pounds. I have lost control and am doing everything wrong. I look awful and I know it. I do not know what is going on with this woman but I would be very surprised if she was content with her new shape. Although… she is wearing a two piece, something I would never do. I’m just saying, she knows what she looks like. Having the love of a good man is comforting but she still looks in the mirror at some point each day. Be kind

  22. I believe gaining the amount of weight she has over the years is an addiction not unlike drugs or alcohol. Self-medicating with food. Unless on a medication for a health issue that makes one gain weight, there is no other reason to be that heavy. And like alcohol and drug addictions, you must deal with the reasons someone is self-medicating first. Recent photos indicate she has lost some weight, so hopefully she is dealing with it. People that say that you can be obese and still “healthy” are in total denial.

  23. How dare we judge so harshly someone else. Did any one of us stop to think that it could be a tyroid issue, or maybe the pill?!?!? How would any of us feel if we started gaining weight, and couldn’t control it? And if it isn’t any of those issues, none of our business. Let’s worry about our own bodies and do the best we can for them (eat organic, drink water, exercise) , and let’s remember that before anything we are women first and need to support each other. I’m for one, I’m happy to see she’s had a successful marriage, and it’s out of the paparazzi chaos.

  24. I agree Keely is way overweight, but people should lay off of her. We don’t always know what’s going on in someone’s life. She may simply eat too much and not move enough. Then again, she may be on medication and/or gone into early menopause. I have always been a big girl (5’9), but used to be quite slim (size eight) and always lost the weight after the births of both of my daughters. It was not a huge deal. Then I went on antidepressants and gained some weight. A few years later, at 47 I went through menopause, and the weight really piled on. I am now a size 12/14, occasionally wear size ten pants and jeans. I hate being bigger. The only way I can just keep my weight in check is regular vigorous exercise. My arms and legs are “ripped,” and at age 60, my trainer is amazed at my strength and lack of chronic health problems. Cholesterol, etc. is all good. The battle goes on. I don’t gorge myself and have lowered my carb intake, but I’ll be damned if I never take a bite of pasta or ice cream ever again!

  25. The great thing is that Pierce Brosnan still loves her. I saw him on television and he was talking about his anniversary coming up and he said he just wanted to sit on the couch and look at her. Yeah!

  26. Oh leave Keeley alone why does everyone have to be perfect? NO one is, so everyone mind your own business. That is the problem in this country Everyone has to be Perfect , no such thing.

  27. So what he loves her she’s a very attractive women, it happens to a lot of women my hormones screwed up after having my fourth child

  28. She looks lke a hippo. But far more important, her weight is very unhealthy and could lead to medical issues like diabetes and heart problems. For the sake of her kids, and the health of her body, she needs to lose weight. Not saying she needs to go back to how she was in the first photo on the left, but the weight she has now is medically dangerous.

  29. Here’s the thing: I think she’s being quite hypocritical. For years, as we can see in the before photos, it appears Ms. Smith was quite vigilant about maintaining a svelte physique. So her looks were very important to her. Also, she and Mr. Broanan mer on a beach in Mexico and what he was attracted to was the slim woman prancing around in a bikini. Though I admire Mr. Brosnan in admiring his wife’s curves, I’m very doubtful he would’ve been attracted to the heavier woman in the bikini on that beach in Mexico. I’m all for size doesn’t matter, but you can’t be a crusader for curvier women only when it’s convenient for you, ie you now find yourself to be a curvy woman and are having a difficult time losing the weight.

  30. For all of the know it alls on here who have an opinion about this woman…maybe this isn’t an issue of “letting yourself go”. Have you ever thought that she may have a medical condition that requires her to take daily steroids (e.g. autoimmune disorder) or how about a combination of medications to treat something like bipolar disorder? The American public is so shallow and judgmental about everyone and everything that maybe if you stopped to take a good, long hard look at your own vacuous lives and did something about yourself rather than comment about someone you have never met and don’t know except through tabloid articles, you and the world would be a better place. Get over yourselves.

  31. there are people out there, who can’t stand to see a fat person being happy.

    Unhappiness has nothing to do with being obese.
    Keely obviously has a life. Her attitude is you only live once.

    You can’t enjoy your food in another life, so might as well enjoy it all while you can.

    She obviously loves her highly calorific food to the extent that she does not want to give it up. If he were to give it up, she would be unhappy.

    I know people who love to eat lots of cakes, chocolates, etc and would be miserable to cut down on these things.

    I know a person who is a chocaholic, and weighs 400 kilos. She is mega fat and deliciously happy.

    There’s too much pressure on people to lose weight for their health.
    What some people don’t realize is, that cutting down on high calorie foods, makes some people miserable.

    What is the point in life, if you’re going to be miserable.

    Do your own thing, for goodness sake, and be happy.
    Don’t let society and their theories on what is healthy or unhealthy drive you mad.

    Being miserable is unhealthy. Go for the pies and chips , and chill out!

  32. She is a very pretty woman. When you look at older pics, when they first dated, she almost looks anorexic………..way too skinny and now to the other extreme. blames it on having children. well, her kids are lik 15 and 13!!!! she does not look good in anything. she has to wear big baggy clothing and all you see are her boobs all the time. her arms are huge. she does not exercise, no way………….she is at risk for many diseases.

  33. If she were single and without responsibilities noone should criticise. However she has children. What if he were either to succumb to weight related health issues suddenly or or over time? Is she thinkig of herself or of her children? What kind of a role model says; don’t worry about your health, be as fat as you like? Its your body when you’re single, its your kids mothers body and their well being when you’re a parent. End of story. If there is even the slightest risk of her being lost to her kids through overweight, she should stop right now. imho.

  34. She knows she is over weight. She doesn’t need anyone’s opinions or thoughts. I admire her and only she knows what is going on with her body. Not for us to judge

  35. I think any weight loss should be a health issue. If she and her husband are happy with her body image then that is what matters. I myself, am I large woman, my partener is always complimenting me on my looks and likes my body image. If, I loose weight due to health issues, thats another matter. As long as Keely and Pierce are happy and as far as I am aware they are, so be it. Some men like holding a woman, not a stick with boobs or a woman in a boylike body. You go girlfriend.

  36. Just my two cents here speaking from the standpoint of a size 10 woman – I consider myself healthy, go to the doctor yearly, exercise daily, eat well, etc. I have no desire to kill myself in the gym to be a size 6. I’m comfortable with who I am and all that. Having said that, there is a distinction between being happy with oneself and not wanting to conform to the ‘ideal’ Hollywood body and looking after yourself for the sake of your overall health. To have that much extra weight around your middle is not healthy. I’m not saying it’s unsightly because I don’t care. I’m saying it’s not healthy – period. She has children and needs to think about her long term health and being there for them. It’s no different than someone who drinks to much or smokes. When you have children, you no longer have the luxury of basing the decisions that you make on your own needs – you have to consider them. I will now get off my soapbox 🙂

  37. She is incredibly obese and should do something about it. I am a 12 year old boy and I am borderline overweight, not even nearly as bad as keely and I am trying to do something about it. As are many other young people in my situation. So if 12 year olds who aren’t as out of shape as she is can except that they are unhealthy and try to lose weight so should she. And she wont even have to try half as hard as us since she will have access to the best personal trainers and dietitians.

  38. While she has gained weight…the most recent picture shown clearly has been widened to make her look even bigger. I’ve seen many photos of her at her larger size and her head is not the big…perhaps the photo was altered to make a point. Regardless, it’s kind of low.

    I hope that she is keeping on eye on her health…even big people can be very healthy.

  39. I know that not all of us are a size 4 and our differences make the world around. But I can’t get over the fact that in the photos where Keely is heavy, there is a great deal of sadness to her. She probably suffers from depression due to the weight gain. Sometimes when we become overwhelmed, we give up. I hope she finds the inner strength to lose some weight before the effects are irreversible.

  40. There is so much concern out there about obesity and health.
    has anyone ever stopped to consider, that maintaining a so called normal body weight for some people is driving them mad.
    There are people out there, who like their food, and are miserable trying to maintain a so called normal body weight. There are a lot of people who become obese, eating lots of healthy things like complex carbs, fruit and nuts. They don’t all become obese, eating burgers and sweets.
    There are other things to consider, in trying to balance a healthy lifestyle, for example excercise. Looks like Keeley does a lot of swimming. That is the best form of exercise.
    It’s much better than killing yourself with high impact aerobics or jogging, which is bad for the knees and feet.

    Keeley looks happy, and happiness is good for stabilizing blood pressure.
    There is nothing worse than being slim, and miserable with it.Especially if one’s misery is due to trying to stay slim.
    Enjoy life, and eat, for goodness sake!

  41. It’s amazing all of the criticism about Keely’s weight. Being overweight does not mean unhealthy. Die young? My mother has always been over 300 lbs, and is 70 years old. Just let the woman be. She is 47 years old and is done trying to fit into the “ideal” mold. Let her be!

  42. I am a 61 year old woman whose body is similar to Keely Shaye Smiths. I cringe when I see myself and I cringe when I see her and she is WAY too young to be this out of shape.

    She simply let herself go. It’s easy to do when a mother and busy wife and not watching what one eats. I remained slim until I turned 43 or so, then was up about 20 pounds, but looked good. Now I am about the same shape as Keely and I KNOW I am out of shape. I also have Lupus, arthritis and fibro, all that have prevented me from doing serious workouts and such until recently, when I simply began walking. That little bit helped take off 12 pounds without effort in about a months time. Add 12 months of that up and you can see where I’d be. I am trying.

    I say Keely is FAT. Plain and simple. Yes, she looks beautiful still and her husband obviously loves her as she is, as does mine. But she needs to watch herself NOW while young, apparently healthy and able to. She will probably have bad knees, possible heart problems and likely diabetes in later years if she does not quit this now. I can say this as I can attest to some of this. I was recently diagnosed with Pre-diabetes, due to my weight. As a 1 year old, I am doing something about it. If I feel better because I don’t have to adjust my clothes, or have a muffin top that makes me feel horrible, or bras that refuse to fit properly due to weight of huge breasts, and I feel so much better physically, then that all is a wonderful bonus. Keely needs to stop fooling herself that her “curves” are great. They are fat curves, not natural, healthy curves.

  43. There are plenty of women who’ve had children and managed not to put on 100 pounds. She is obese and she’s probably going to die young if she doesn’t take at least some of it off. We’re not just talking a little baby weight here.

  44. Keely has put on weight but you can still see she is a beautiful woman. She’s had children and is not in her 20’s anymore, what do people expect? I agree with the previous comment, her weight should only be a health issue, I’m not sure I could bare all in a bikini to be photographed and picked to pieces by the world, good on her. She’s managed to marry James Bond, clearly she’s doing something right! I think she’s stunning.

  45. I know a lot of people will be upset that the author suggest Keely lose weight. There is a growing trend to be happy in one’s body and not conform to the Hollywood image. However, health should be a factor along with individuality and confidence. As someone who has gained a lot of weight over the last few years, I can tell you that i already see the negative effects the extra weight has had on my blood sugar levels, joints, skin, feet and a host of other issues. Working on losing it now. I’ll never be a size four, but somewhere within my healthy BMI would be nice and do wonders for my health and my doctor’s peace of mind.

  46. Keely looked amazing in the beach photo with Pierce Bronson. They must be enjoying the real easy life if she managed to put on so much weight.