Jessie Wallace’s Weight Loss Obsession

No longer Jelly Wallace. The new Jessie Wallace is a lean fat burning machine. Her secret involves working out 3 times a week at the gym. No sweets or cake for months. A complete change of diet by eliminating bread and potatoes, and replacing it with lean protein and healthy foods.

See the difference. Believe the trainers. Follow the lifestyle changing program.

She feels like she’s in her 20’s when she’s only 2 years away from turn 40. That’s an amazing and inspiring weight loss transformation for Jessie Wallace.

jessie-wallace-weight-lossJessie Wallace looks fit and trim in these before and after weight loss photos.


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6 thoughts on “Jessie Wallace’s Weight Loss Obsession”

  1. I believe anyone that wants or needs to lose weight genuinely should realize that these types of celebrity diets require lots of energy and effort. They really should understand that to lose weight you will need to exert portion control over what you eat and consistently. Some good recommendations would include keeping a food journal to help review the many foods you eat throughout the day.

  2. I love the fact that Jessie Wallace’s diet plan really works. I have been following the routine that she undertook to achieve her weight loss and have started to see decent results.

  3. Anyone have more details on how did jessie wallace lose weight? The article seems a bit brief. I would love to be able to follow her weight loss regiment.