How to Lose Weight: Top 10 Easy Tips

After many tried and true methods to achieve weight loss, here are your Top 10 Easy Tips to Lose Weight. We are happy to extend these tips beyond the Top 10 because readers have shared their great success at weight loss by following these tips. Say goodbye to your belly fat once and for all.

1. Keep a food log.

Start writing down what you eat, and you will realize the type of bad foods that you can start avoiding. Little changes make a big difference in your start to losing weight and achieving the body that you have always wanted.

2. Get a weight loss buddy.

Regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey, it always helps to have a weight loss buddy. Grab a co-worker, friend, family, or neighbor to keep each other accountable at losing weight.

3. Repeat a phrase.

Create a short sentence that you will repeat to yourself each day. “I am losing weight by cutting out sugar” is a good start. It has a goal along with a strategy. The important thing is to repeat this every day until it becomes automatic where you are losing weight by cutting out sugar as your phrase reminds you.

4. Have a glass of water.

In fact, drink water throughout the day. Learn to enjoy water over sugary drinks. Water has zero calories, and it is one of the best drinks for weight loss. Water is the source of life, and should be the source to your successful weight loss.

5. Clean something.

When you have to clean something, you are moving around. Cleaning not only keeps your environment tidy, it is a stress free form of exercise. The more your clean, the more weight you will lose.

6. Let your stomach guide you.

Many of us eat without being hungry because we have an abundance of food all around us. We eat at the desk, we eat watching TV, but the problem is that we may not even be hungry before we start snacking on something. Try waiting for your stomach to tell you before you eat, your stomach will grumble and make hungry sounds. This is how your body helps to regulate the require meals that you truly need instead of over eating.

7. Take the stairs.

 Start taking the stairs to weight loss. 1 flight of stairs will lead to 2 flights of stairs or more before you know that you are already on the way to building stronger legs and tightening your buttocks. Any small addition of physical activity helps with weight loss.

8. Avoid prepared foods.

Ketchup, BBQ sauce, and salad dressing are loaded with sugar. These empty calories are the greatest antagonist to your way to weight loss success. Check the labels of prepared foods, or go out of your way to have them as little as possible. Do you want to loss weight or use ketchup? It is that simple.

9. Get new clothes.

After you have started losing weight, it is time to get a new set of clothes to fit the new your body. Enjoy your new physique by showing it off. Remind yourself of the rewards that comes with losing weight.

10. Brush your teeth.

Brush your teeth after eating. Your mind will know it is time to stop eating. Also, food does not taste good with the taste of toothpaste.

11. Eat nuts.

Snacking on nuts helps to alleviate hunger. Nuts are packed with nutrients that your body will convert to energy. Ask yourself, what’s better for weight loss? A pack of nuts or a cupcake?

12. Use commonsense.

Many of us want to lose weight, but we never think about what we are doing in the moment that we are eating cupcakes or having multiple soda refills. Do you want to lose weight? If yes, then start thinking about everything that touches your mouth.

13. Eat fruits.

Choosing the fresh fruits over juices make a huge difference in losing weight. Drinking juices is no different from drinking a sugary soda. Fruits have fiber and pulp that your body processes more quickly. Studies have shown that individuals changing to fruits over juice are more successful at keeping the weight off for good.

14. Portion control.

Studies have shown the eating less is more effective than exercise. Eating a little less is easier than 1-2 hours on a treadmill. Skip the cupcake, then you can skip an hour on a treadmill. That’s the true way to weight loss.

15. Count calories.

Be honest about how many calories you are putting into your body. When you cheat on calories, you are only failing yourself at attaining a successful weight loss.

16. Red, orange, and green on your plate.

What is orange, orange, and green? Vegetables! Stack vegetables onto your plates, and you will continue in the right direction to an easy weight loss. So you don’t like vegetables? Deal with it if you want to lose weight.

17. Less salt.

Salt makes you thirsty and hungrier. Why do you think salty potato chips are bad for weight loss? They are addictive and make you want to have a sugary soda with it. Once you start using less salt, you will lose the pounds and lose the bloating.

18. Spice up the food.

Spicy food helps to curb hunger faster. Natural spices also adds flavor to food without sodium and sugars.

19. No diet soda.

Although diet soda say zero calories, studies have shown that someone who drinks 1-2 diet sodas gain a lot more weight than someone who drinks water. Remember that diet soda is not for dieting nor weight loss. Anything that taste sweet is not helping you with weight loss.

20. Soup first.

Start with a vegetable soup before meals. Studies have shown that people who drink soup first tend to eat less every meal. Weight loss is just a bowl of soup away.

21. Slow down.

Take your time with meals. It typically takes 20 minutes for the stomach to tell your brain that you are full to prevent overeating. This will help contribute to your weight loss progress.

22. Skip the free samples.

No free sample is ever good for you. Whatever is free for everyone is usually loaded with sugar and salt. These products are mainly mass produced on the cheap, and consists of empty calories. Your weight loss will thank you for skipping those samples.

23. Turn off the Food Network.

Beautiful visuals of healthy foods can work against you. There’s wisdom in the saying that your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Heavy consumption of cooking shows by foodies and home chefs typically lead to higher BMIs. We are not saying to stop enjoying healthy food, but don’t over consume cooking shows because it will be the monkey wrench in your weight loss journey.

24. Early dinners.

Have dinner a few hours before bed. This allow your stomach to digest everything before you shut down for the night. Also, allows you to burn a few more calories of what you just consumed instead of storing unused energy into fat cells when you sleep.

25. Bake it.

We all love fried foods but hate that it is drench in oil which usually ruins good weight loss progress. The healthy alternative is to bake it, and achieve the same texture and taste as deep fried foods. Dip meats in egg whites and whole-wheat panko, then bake it for a healthy meal.

26. Weigh yourself often.

If you have a scale at home, don’t hide it. Leave the scale in an open area where you can weigh yourself often. It acts as a good reminder of what you are trying to achieve. The more your weigh yourself, the more effort you will put into making the right choices to losing weight.

27. Cook at home.

Cooking at home lets you know exactly what you are eating, and what goes into your foods. Eating out makes it very hard to control what you are eating due to not know how most restaurants prepare their food.

28. Lift weights.

Many people are afraid of lifting weights because they think they will bulk up. This is a myth. There’s a 100% certainty that you will turn into the Pillsbury Doughboy without any lifting before you turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger with lifting. Lifting helps you get stronger, and convert fat to muscle. Muscle burn calories faster, and you will be able to lose weight quicker.

29. Stop smoking.

You may not know this, but when you stop smoking, you don’t run out of breath when you exercise. Feel healthy and lose weight when you are not lighting up.

30. Run.

Start slow, even 1 minute at the beginning will do wonders. Then add 1 more minute the next day. The important thing is to keep adding more time as you build more endurance, then you will start burning fat. Say goodbye to belly fat, chubby cheeks, and wide butts. Say hello to skinny jeans, and tighter body. Weight loss is achieved 1 minute at a time.


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4 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight: Top 10 Easy Tips”

  1. I was just looking for some extra motivation, and the taking the stairs seems easy enough to do. Wish me luck with my weight loss journey.

  2. I like the soup idea. I normally drink soup during dinner, now I will give it a try before dinner to see if I can lose a few pounds in the process.

  3. Drinking a lot of water worked the best for me when I needed to lose the last 10 lbs before my friends wedding as I was one of her bridesmaids.

  4. Thank you for these weight loss tips. I lost my discipline a few days ago, and this list helps to reenforce what was working for me before.