Fruit Juice is As Fattening as Beer

Fruit juice may be advertised as healthy, but the number of calories are as much as beer. Next time you crave fruit juice, go for the whole fruit that is unprocessed with all the minerals and vitamins still intact. (You know fruit juice is not what it appears when manufacturers have to inject extra vitamins into the juices to make it more appealing.)

Replace fruit juice with water and whole fruits, then you are well on your way of losing weight.


Just put down the juice if you ever want to succeed at losing weight or attain success at dieting. Watch this YouTube video to better understand why bottled fruit juice is not a health food.

YouTube Preview Image

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2 thoughts on “Fruit Juice is As Fattening as Beer”

  1. I have stopped drinking juice or anything with sugar, and have started to gradually lose weight with little effort. The whole fruits help feel fuller, and I snack less now. Thank you for such a great weight loss tip.