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Reminds us a little bit of the awesome fitness machines of the past.

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Michael Moore in Weight Loss Spa http://obesityfighter.com/michael-moore-in-weight-loss-spa/ http://obesityfighter.com/michael-moore-in-weight-loss-spa/#respond Thu, 16 Feb 2017 19:37:48 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=919 Continue reading Michael Moore in Weight Loss Spa]]> Michael Moore has started his weight loss journey at the Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa. He will be paying $4,500 per week to lose some weight.


Honestly, Michael Moore is a big guy due to poor or terrible eating habits and nothing more. The spa is at best a short term / temporary solution to a problem that Michael Moore is well aware of. Unless he seriously hires a personal chef (that cooks healthy foods) to feed him the right way, and a trainer to get him being active again, time will catch up to his bad habits and we can expect the worst.

We need Michael Moore to live a long healthy life and continue to make a difference in the world by doing what he does best.

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Brown Fat Weight Loss http://obesityfighter.com/brown-fat-weight-loss/ http://obesityfighter.com/brown-fat-weight-loss/#respond Tue, 14 Feb 2017 19:12:13 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=571 Continue reading Brown Fat Weight Loss]]> Recent studies have shown that we humans have two types of fat deposits. Brown fat, and white fat. The big difference is that the brown fat burns more calories than white fat.

Babies when they are first born have typically the most brown fat, because the baby’s body needs to produce an enormous amount of heat when exiting the womb into a new environment as a survival mechanism.

Scientist and researchers are working hard at finding solutions to activate the brown fat that each and everyone of us have. Imagine the day when we can take a supplement to activate the brown fats for a few hours and allow it to slowly burn off the normal fat deposits.

Overweight individuals have new hope in the foreseeable future of science and weight loss.



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Craig and Tova’s 12 Week Work Out and Weight Loss http://obesityfighter.com/craig-and-tovas-12-week-work-out-and-weight-loss/ http://obesityfighter.com/craig-and-tovas-12-week-work-out-and-weight-loss/#comments Sun, 12 Feb 2017 18:09:32 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=53 Click here to view the embedded video.

Craig and Tova inspires us all to get off our couches and burn off the calories. Whether you are over weight or need to tone those muscles, let these two amazing individuals inspire you to do more.

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Lindsay Lohan Attributes Weight Loss to Stress http://obesityfighter.com/lindsay-lohan-attributes-weight-loss-to-stress/ http://obesityfighter.com/lindsay-lohan-attributes-weight-loss-to-stress/#respond Fri, 10 Feb 2017 17:26:04 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=558 Continue reading Lindsay Lohan Attributes Weight Loss to Stress]]> Earlier in the year of 2009, Lindsay Lohan’s drastic weight loss shocked her fans into thinking that she was overly skinny. In interviews with US Weekly, she attributed the rapid drop in weight due to stress.

Some people who work too hard can get stressed out and manage to have very little appetite for food. Lindsay Lohan’s friends and family should encourage her to eat even when she’s stressed because the human body is very fragile where being too thin can have adverse consequences similar to being too fat.


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