Obesity Fighter http://obesityfighter.com Easy Weight Loss and Diets Tue, 17 Oct 2017 19:24:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8 8987938 Hugo Chavez Loses Weight http://obesityfighter.com/hugo-chavez-loses-weight/ http://obesityfighter.com/hugo-chavez-loses-weight/#comments Tue, 17 Oct 2017 19:24:23 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=466 Continue reading Hugo Chavez Loses Weight]]> Hugo Chavez has lost 20 kg (or 44 pounds) with a more active lifestyle and watching what he eats.

His own success has encouraged him to call upon his country’s people follow in his footsteps of healthy eating and weight loss.

A leader that cares about how unhealthy you maybe or how obese you have become is a good leader.


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LaMont Jordan Goes on the LenDale White Diet http://obesityfighter.com/lamont-jordan-goes-on-the-lendale-white-diet/ http://obesityfighter.com/lamont-jordan-goes-on-the-lendale-white-diet/#respond Sun, 15 Oct 2017 18:33:35 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=79 Continue reading LaMont Jordan Goes on the LenDale White Diet]]> LaMont Jordan dropped 30 pounds in the off season all thanks to giving up “sodas, tea and, yes even alcohol” who followed a similar path of LenDale While who recently stated that he lost weight by giving up tequila.

It is true that heavy alcohol consumption, almost always lead to late night eating and snacks. If you don’t take the advice of common sense, at least listen to these professional sports players who have all the money in the world and still have to focus on taking care of their bodies.

Kudos to LaMont, and wish him the best for the 2009 season!


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Weight Loss Success – Vanessa Loses 32 Pounds http://obesityfighter.com/weight-loss-success-vanessa-loses-32-pounds/ http://obesityfighter.com/weight-loss-success-vanessa-loses-32-pounds/#comments Fri, 13 Oct 2017 16:54:17 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=165 YouTube user Vanessa loses 32 pounds with meal replacements shakes. She created a video with picture of her at 137 lbs, and the final result at 116 lbs. She has since provided an update to the video description saying that she is now at 105 lbs.

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Reason Behind Why Some Women Lose Weight http://obesityfighter.com/reason-behind-why-some-women-lose-weight/ http://obesityfighter.com/reason-behind-why-some-women-lose-weight/#respond Wed, 11 Oct 2017 15:34:17 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=850 Continue reading Reason Behind Why Some Women Lose Weight]]> A women in her early 30’s was doing a two day liquid diet in hopes of dropping 5 more pounds. The diet included a couple of bottles of juice like liquids that cost around $120 to help with detox.

Her reason was that the guy she adores but had not seen in the last two years was moving closer to her vicinity for his new job.

The caveat was that she was not over weight by a long shot at 5 feet 10 inches, and weighed 120 lbs at the time. Any thinner, she could have been labeled with an eating disorder. In the end, why are people so crazy thinking that an extra 5 pounds would make them perfect?

Even if she did manage to achieve the 115 lbs at 5’10, she wouldn’t be healthy and risk a lot to gain a relationship that subjects her to looking thin.

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Brown Fat Weight Loss http://obesityfighter.com/brown-fat-weight-loss/ http://obesityfighter.com/brown-fat-weight-loss/#respond Mon, 09 Oct 2017 14:48:23 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=571 Continue reading Brown Fat Weight Loss]]> Recent studies have shown that we humans have two types of fat deposits. Brown fat, and white fat. The big difference is that the brown fat burns more calories than white fat.

Babies when they are first born have typically the most brown fat, because the baby’s body needs to produce an enormous amount of heat when exiting the womb into a new environment as a survival mechanism.

Scientist and researchers are working hard at finding solutions to activate the brown fat that each and everyone of us have. Imagine the day when we can take a supplement to activate the brown fats for a few hours and allow it to slowly burn off the normal fat deposits.

Overweight individuals have new hope in the foreseeable future of science and weight loss.



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