Obesity Fighter http://obesityfighter.com Daily Inspiration For Weight Loss Sat, 27 Jun 2015 11:00:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.2 Lose Weight and Have Better Sex http://obesityfighter.com/lose-weight-and-have-better-sex/ http://obesityfighter.com/lose-weight-and-have-better-sex/#comments Sat, 27 Jun 2015 11:00:14 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=719 BBW sex is perfectly fine too, not saying there’s anything wrong with that (it shows a lot of confidence to enjoy whatever floats your boat). Going back to the main point, one of the many benefits of losing weight is being able to have better sex as a result of physical and mental changes.

Weight Loss Effects on the Male Sex:

  • Overweight men have higher incidence of erectile dysfunction due to lower blood flow to the male genitals. High fat diets, narrow arteries, including the ones that carry blood to the penis. Abdominal obesity lowers testosterone levels.
  • A stronger core (abdominal and lower-back muscles) helps to increase stamina and gives strength to try new positions.
  • On the visual end of the spectrum, fat people can’t see their own penis (it’s probably shriveled up and died a long time ago). Fat on the base of the abdomen covers up the base of the penis.
  • Weight loss, and nutritious foods stimulate sex hormones. Don’t let weight gain impede your sexual desires.

Weight Loss Effects on the Female Sex:

  • Overweight women suffer similar decrease sexual potency as overweight men due to lower blood flow to the genital areas.
  • A little less flab brings out the best parts of the body. You don’t necessarily have to fit a size double-zero jeans.
  • A lighter weight allows you to move freely during love making.
  • Improved body image, makes you feel more confident being naked and totally being in the moment. Frees up your mind from worrying about the way your body looks.
  • Weight loss in women provides the genitals with better circulation, lubrication, and overall function.

The final statistics indicate 30% of overweight and obese individuals suffer from sexual difficulties. Don’t become the statistic and start enjoying what your body is made for by first learning to take care of it.

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Olivia Wilde’s Weight Loss Secret http://obesityfighter.com/olivia-wildes-weight-loss-secret/ http://obesityfighter.com/olivia-wildes-weight-loss-secret/#comments Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:58:23 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=915 Olivia Wilde reveals her secrets at staying fit and healthy to fit into “Tron: Legacy” skintight body suits.

Tron Girl’s Weight Loss Secrets:

  • Intense cardio workout and martial arts
  • No bread
  • No alcohol
  • She’s a vegan

That’s Olivia Wilde’s weight loss secret whenever she needs to drop 5 pounds in 2 weeks.


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Binge Eating 101 http://obesityfighter.com/binge-eating-101/ http://obesityfighter.com/binge-eating-101/#comments Tue, 23 Jun 2015 08:39:35 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=708 Many fat and overweight individuals suffer from binge eating. This is a fact, eating 3 salads for lunch is still considered binge eating.

The important thing is to find out the underlying reasons behind binge eating. Kristin Gerstley suffered from binge eating, and weighed as much as 190 pounds and lost nearly 60 pounds once she figured out that she had to stop binge eating.

Click here to view the embedded video.

The morning show interviews Marie Zmich on her struggles as a binge eater, and the many bad choices she makes when she’s binging on any type of food. Food literally overtakes these individuals’ mindsets and they eat more than they need.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

A video of a binge eater in action. 2 cheeseburgers, 1 big mac, large fries, cup of noodles, liter of soy milk, 2 toasts with butter and jam in one sitting. This is really eating way too much.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Besides eating an unhealthy diet, binge eating can make you gain weight. Figure out why you over eat, and seek out help.

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Sarah Palin Mocks Anti-Childhood Obesity Campaigns with Free Cookies http://obesityfighter.com/sarah-palin-mocks-anti-childhood-obesity-campaigns-with-free-cookies/ http://obesityfighter.com/sarah-palin-mocks-anti-childhood-obesity-campaigns-with-free-cookies/#comments Sun, 21 Jun 2015 08:22:52 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=892 Giving away free cookies at a public function is always a nice gesture. However, Sarah Palin’s actions were in response to Pennsylvania’s recent cookie ban debate.

We think it is alright to be against cookie ban debate, and simply make the statement.

Passing out cookies of empty calories to undermine the anti-childhood obesity campaigns is a bit on the childish side.


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Losing Weight with a Personal Trainer http://obesityfighter.com/losing-weight-with-a-personal-trainer/ http://obesityfighter.com/losing-weight-with-a-personal-trainer/#comments Fri, 19 Jun 2015 07:57:31 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=437 Losing weight and dieting can be a struggle when you don’t surround yourself with like minded people. Linda Babcock managed to lose 120 pounds working with Brent Swansen (who happens be a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer).

Linda Babcock has learned to “transform herself through eating right and exercising.” At age 48, she’s able to do 50 push-ups on her toes. There’s nothing in the world that the human mind cannot overcome (with the help of a personal trainer).


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Hugo Chavez Loses Weight http://obesityfighter.com/hugo-chavez-loses-weight/ http://obesityfighter.com/hugo-chavez-loses-weight/#comments Wed, 17 Jun 2015 06:58:47 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=466 Hugo Chavez has lost 20 kg (or 44 pounds) with a more active lifestyle and watching what he eats.

His own success has encouraged him to call upon his country’s people follow in his footsteps of healthy eating and weight loss.

A leader that cares about how unhealthy you maybe or how obese you have become is a good leader.


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Weight Loss Success – Vanessa Loses 32 Pounds http://obesityfighter.com/weight-loss-success-vanessa-loses-32-pounds/ http://obesityfighter.com/weight-loss-success-vanessa-loses-32-pounds/#comments Mon, 15 Jun 2015 05:58:23 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=165 Click here to view the embedded video.

YouTube user Vanessa loses 32 pounds with Herbalife. She created a video with picture of her at 137 lbs, and the final result at 116 lbs. She has since provided an update to the video description saying that she is now at 105 lbs.

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Jump Start the Day with a Big Breakfast to Lose Weight http://obesityfighter.com/jump-start-the-day-with-a-big-breakfast-to-lose-weight/ http://obesityfighter.com/jump-start-the-day-with-a-big-breakfast-to-lose-weight/#comments Sat, 13 Jun 2015 05:38:51 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=132 Eating a big solid breakfast helps you lose weight because it is simply the most important meal of the day. After a full night’s rest, your body and mind demands to be recharged. Otherwise, it will start stripping energy from your muscles (thus destroying muscle tissue).

You will also experience less hunger throughout the day, and a decreased craving for snacks.

After an 8 month study, the group that ate a big breakfast had more energy, became more active and lost weight.



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Mischa Barton’s Weight Loss http://obesityfighter.com/mischa-bartons-weight-loss/ http://obesityfighter.com/mischa-bartons-weight-loss/#comments Thu, 11 Jun 2015 05:08:40 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=544 From the time Mischa Barton had been photographed in her bloated state (wisdom tooth story, or too many late night after parties), she has trimmed down and lost a lot of weight.

There’s certainly no perfect image or weight in the celebrity business where everything is based on your looks. However, Mischa Barton should consult with a nutritionist once in a while to maintain balance rather being at extreme ends of the spectrum when it comes to weight fluctuations (because it is simply not good for the body in the long run).



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Obesity Prevention Tips # 2 – Don’t Clean Your Plate http://obesityfighter.com/obesity-prevention-tips-2-dont-clean-your-plate/ http://obesityfighter.com/obesity-prevention-tips-2-dont-clean-your-plate/#comments Tue, 09 Jun 2015 04:17:45 +0000 http://obesityfighter.com/?p=295 We have seen this too often where kids and adults continue to clean up all the food on their plate even when they are full and stuffed like Thanksgiving turkeys. It is absolutely okay to eat half a plate, and put the rest into the fridge.

Imagine yourself going to a restaurant, and the dishes of food that comes out from the kitchen are huge portions. You have to make a choice whether to doggy bag the remaining portions or finish the plate.

The smart choice is doggy bagging it for next time. Just because you don’t finish your serving does not mean you are wasting food.

Retrain yourself. You don’t have to finish the french fries, the last chicken wing, or the extra bite of dessert.

Save it for next time. Let your body have some time to burn off the fuel before feeding it more food.

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