Actress and Comedian Mo’Nique Lost 40 Lbs

Actress and comedian Mo’Nique made a choice to become lighter after she tipped the scale at 262 with a 5-foot-6 frame. Without resorting to gastric bypass surgery (as many celebrities has chosen for a weight loss quick fix), Mo’Nique managed to lose 40 lbs according to Jet Magazine.

(A book we recommend is Slim Down Sister, as one reviewer says “I don’t want to eat Yogurt or Tofu!”)


You can find more recent photos of Monique after her 40 pounds weight loss on


You will be surprised at Monique’s dieting success as if she’s a completely different person.

NBA’s Ben Gordon Loses 15 Pounds

NBA’s Ben Gordon loses 15 pounds with a vegetarian diet. He managed to slim down from 200 pounds to 185 pounds by working with a chef who helps to keep his vegetarian options creative and tasty.

Ben Gordon Vegetarian Diet
Ben Gordon Vegetarian Diet–now-he-hopes-to-make-the-warriors-020945478.html

Valerie Bertinelli Discusses Weight Loss Battle

Valerie Bertinelli sat down with CBS News Sunday Morning to discuss her bout with food due to her own insecurities. She has lost 40 pounds with Jenny Craig after she joined the program at 172 lbs. Now it is truly amazing that Valerie is sporting a bikini after her weight loss when she’s just a few months away from turning 50 years old.

Her next career goal? Inspirational weight loss book author? We will have to wait until she’s finished her first marathon.

Jessie Wallace’s Weight Loss Obsession

No longer Jelly Wallace. The new Jessie Wallace is a lean fat burning machine. Her secret involves working out 3 times a week at the gym. No sweets or cake for months. A complete change of diet by eliminating bread and potatoes, and replacing it with lean protein and healthy foods.

See the difference. Believe the trainers. Follow the lifestyle changing program.

She feels like she’s in her 20’s when she’s only 2 years away from turn 40. That’s an amazing and inspiring weight loss transformation for Jessie Wallace.

jessie-wallace-weight-lossJessie Wallace looks fit and trim in these before and after weight loss photos.


Losing Weight with a Personal Trainer

Losing weight and dieting can be a struggle when you don’t surround yourself with like minded people. Linda Babcock managed to lose 120 pounds working with Brent Swansen (who happens be a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer).

Linda Babcock has learned to “transform herself through eating right and exercising.” At age 48, she’s able to do 50 push-ups on her toes. There’s nothing in the world that the human mind cannot overcome (with the help of a personal trainer).