Great Videos on Raw Foods Weight Loss

Life is a gift. This guy gets it and tell it like it is about raw foods. Eating raw foods helps him stay toned and trimmed. His friend lost over 200 pounds in 16 months simply by learning more about raw foods, and eating right.

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Interview with Ron Landry who lost 190 lbs through raw foods in two years. A great inspiration.

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Scott Jackson’s weight loss progression on raw foods. He lost over 100 pounds in 6 months. Love the fact that there is no excess skin in the stomach area from his gradual weight loss by eating raw foods, as we have all seen too many times from weight loss reality TV shows that have a lot of excess skin hanging over contestants’ bellies when their bodies haven’t had time to adjust. Be sure to visit his website.

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Ashley Tisdale – Fitness and Carbs

Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical actress) maintains her slim figure by working out 3-4 times a week with a trainer.

When she eats, she keeps a close count of how much carbs are consumed for every meal.

It goes to show you that stay fit and trim requires a lot of work and dedication.

Jack Osbourne Loses Weight

We all remember Jack Osbourne when his family burst onto the reality TV show The Osbournes. He was the cute chubby kid that every parent would have spoiled.

Since his first appearance on television, he has lost over 50 lbs through various physical training and activities.

Such activities included: Muay Thai martial arts, rock climbing, mountaineering, and long treks through jungles.

He’s no longer the fat kid that anyone can laugh at, because he has worked hard to tone up and lose most of the baby fat holding him back. Congratulations to Jack Osbourne as he continues to lose over 50 pounds and get his weight in control.

Tyra Banks Weight Loss

At 5’10”, Tyra Banks’ ideal body weight for a medium frame is 142-156. It appears that she will be letting the world know how’s she has managed to exerces and work off the extra calories to appear thinner than recent show appearances.

Let’s hope her whole show is going to be on dieting tips, solid workouts, and common sense. Can’t wait to find out all the Tyra Banks weight loss secrets on Friday September 11, 2009.–Watch-Tyra-Banks-discuss-her-weight-loss-on-Friday-September-11-2009-show


After losing 30 pounds, Tyra Banks struts a new look on her show. Glad she’s achieved such great dieting success, and embraced by her fans.


View a segment of Tyra Banks discussing her weight loss challenge on CNN’s Larry King.

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Ah yes, some of you might be still wondering why Tyra Banks wanted to lose weight. At one point in time, she gained some weight and was photographed in a swimsuit at the beach. She never hid the fact that she was eating unhealthy, then made the decision to lose the weight and regained her slimmer self back through regular exercise.


Now Tyra can say “Kiss my fat ass” in full confidence!,,20303607,00.html