Adele’s Weight Loss

Congratulations on Adele’s weight loss journey.

Changes that work for Adele:

  • Vegetarian diet
  • Jogging with dog
  • Quit smoking
  • Cut drinking down to once a week
  • Stop obsessing about being skinny

A simple change to healthy habits go a long way. We all have a lot to learn from Adele’s diet success.

Slimming Down the Hilary Duff Way

Gone are the days of chicken fingers (battered and fried), french fries, ice cream (sugary goodness) and junk food. Hilary Duff made the switch to vegetables (greens), fresh whole fruits, and lean meats. By consistently controlling her portions, Hilary Duff is able maintain an amazing figure at 109 pounds on a 5’2 frame.

Don’t forget the workouts, because it wouldn’t be possible to have a visible six pack without Pilates (4x a week), and swimming (everyday). If you want the Hilary Duff body, it is simpler than you think and will require commitment and hard work.


Weight Loss Contests Inspired by The Biggest Loser

Have you found your local weight loss boot camp yet? Does your company organize weight loss competitions among peers?

Do the words “Fat Cow” upset you?


“It’s not about where you start but the direction you’re headed and how you get there.” – Ryan Hite (physical trainer, weight loss boot camp leader)

Thanks to the popularity of the Biggest Loser, losing weight does not have to be a lonely activity anymore. It is healthy and fun!

Valerie Bertinelli Discusses Weight Loss Battle

Valerie Bertinelli sat down with CBS News Sunday Morning to discuss her bout with food due to her own insecurities. She has lost 40 pounds with Jenny Craig after she joined the program at 172 lbs. Now it is truly amazing that Valerie is sporting a bikini after her weight loss when she’s just a few months away from turning 50 years old.

Her next career goal? Inspirational weight loss book author? We will have to wait until she’s finished her first marathon.

Queen Latifah Loses 20 Pounds

Queen Latifah lost 20 pounds with Jenny Craig. She set a goal and followed through to set an example of becoming healthier.

In addition to changing up her food choices, she was at the gym 5-7 days a week actively working out for an hour.

Remember to take care of your body by providing it good healthy food, and less sitting around to watch TV or surf the internet.,,20207156,00.html