Sherri Shepherd Loses 41 Lbs by Eating Right

At 42 years old, Sherri Shepherd has been fighting with her weight for as long as she can remember. This summer she is swimsuit ready with the help of a personal trainer and delivered meals from Fresh Diet.

Two main points:

  1. Activity as in hitting the gym and working out.
  2. Eating right as in cutting out the candy and junk food.


Tyra Banks Weight Loss

At 5’10”, Tyra Banks’ ideal body weight for a medium frame is 142-156. It appears that she will be letting the world know how’s she has managed to exerces and work off the extra calories to appear thinner than recent show appearances.

Let’s hope her whole show is going to be on dieting tips, solid workouts, and common sense. Can’t wait to find out all the Tyra Banks weight loss secrets on Friday September 11, 2009.–Watch-Tyra-Banks-discuss-her-weight-loss-on-Friday-September-11-2009-show


After losing 30 pounds, Tyra Banks struts a new look on her show. Glad she’s achieved such great dieting success, and embraced by her fans.


View a segment of Tyra Banks discussing her weight loss challenge on CNN’s Larry King.

YouTube Preview Image

Ah yes, some of you might be still wondering why Tyra Banks wanted to lose weight. At one point in time, she gained some weight and was photographed in a swimsuit at the beach. She never hid the fact that she was eating unhealthy, then made the decision to lose the weight and regained her slimmer self back through regular exercise.


Now Tyra can say “Kiss my fat ass” in full confidence!,,20303607,00.html

NBA’s Ben Gordon Loses 15 Pounds

NBA’s Ben Gordon loses 15 pounds with a vegetarian diet. He managed to slim down from 200 pounds to 185 pounds by working with a chef who helps to keep his vegetarian options creative and tasty.

Ben Gordon Vegetarian Diet
Ben Gordon Vegetarian Diet–now-he-hopes-to-make-the-warriors-020945478.html

Alcoholic, Crack-Cocaine & Food Addict

All these were bygone addictions of one man, Arik Bishop, who managed to kick these particularly bad habits to the curb and lost 200 lbs in the process.

Follow Arik’s amazing story of how he became sober and clean before conquering his food addiction and obesity.

Hugo Chavez Loses Weight

Hugo Chavez has lost 20 kg (or 44 pounds) with a more active lifestyle and watching what he eats.

His own success has encouraged him to call upon his country’s people follow in his footsteps of healthy eating and weight loss.

A leader that cares about how unhealthy you maybe or how obese you have become is a good leader.