Diet to Go Review

Diet to Go is a website that offers delivery of healthily prepared and proportioned food from chefs. The food comes in many varieties and is targeted to help those looking to lose weight.

How and Why it Works:

You have the options to pick which meals you want delivered and what plan fits right for your life-style.

The meals are made with fresh ingredients and are made to a specific 1,200 or 1,600 caloric restriction. It is recommended that a person eats 2,000 calories per day to maintain proper weight and by reducing your intake to controlled portions, your body slowly starts to lose weight.

Diet to Go Sample Menu
Diet to Go Sample Menu


There are three options and I tried random variations of these three to get a feel for the food from the website.

1. “Traditional”- This meal is a low-fat diet meal plan which accommodates to those who have special eating restrictions like diabetics.

Breakfast: Fruit Ambrosia – Fruits were fresh and in big chunks, not overly sweet, a good portion to start off the day.

Lunch: Chicken Philly Sub – Sandwich was pretty tasty, although it could use a bit more seasoning. The portion size was a bit too small for lunch, but overall a good meal.

Dinner: Penne Pasta – Pasta was cooked well, not too done. The sauce had a nice flavor considering it was a low-fat meal.

2. “Vegetarian”- This meal is for vegetarians and these meals do contain dairy and egg.

Breakfast: Ratatouille Omelet – The vegetables were really hearty and filling, but the egg omelet was a bit disappointing and rubbery.

Lunch: Grilled Veggie Burrito – The burrito had good flavor, the vegetables weren’t over cooked and the wrap was a good portion for lunch.

Dinner: Shaws Shepherd’s Pie – Normally Shepherd’s Pie has meat, but I found this to be a great substitute, it had almost the same flavor and was really satisfying.

3. “Low-Carb” – This meal is for those who are looking to limit and cut out carbohydrates from their diet.

Breakfast: Spinach Quiche – The quiche had good custard like consistency and had a good amount of flavor.

Lunch: Lemon Herb Chicken – The chicken I found to be a bit dry and overdone, but the vegetables were cooked well and it tasted fine.

Dinner: Half Roasted Chicken – Although the chicken from lunch was a flop, the roasted chicken was actually very good. It was a good portion and was moist and juicy, probably my favorite meal that I have tasted thus far.


The food was not bad and was actually pretty decent. The vegetables felt real and tasted fresh. Sometimes the meat was a little bland and dry, but then sometimes it was tender and juicy so it gets a mixed review.

The pricing for the meals were affordable, it would be the same price as grabbing an unhealthy frozen TV dinner from the grocery store or eating fast food. It comes out to $6.81 per meal. Some coupon codes that the website offers which can help make the meals more affordable are:

1. 25% off any meal plan above $75 – Coupon Code: 25percentoff
2. $30 off orders of $125 or more – Coupon Code: 30OFF125

I would recommend this diet because of the portion size and calorie control which means you don’t over eat and you do feel like you’re eating a lot healthier. The program is also customizable, if you don’t eat seafood or have allergies to certain foods, all you have to do is call them up and they’ll help you create a plan that fits your needs. I really found the customer service and attention to detail they put in important and it made me feel like they put a lot of care and thought into the food they make and the overall satisfaction of their customers. Not only that, but the program offers a no commitment plan so if you don’t like the diet and it’s not right for you, you don’t have to continue it and consume and pay for food that you don’t enjoy.