Low Carbs or Low Fat? What works?

While both diets lead to weight loss. Studies have shown that  low-carb diets are the clear winner with participants shedding more pounds than participants on a low-fat diet.

Next time you eat, remember to skip the pasta and bread. You are well on your way to losing weight and achieving your weight goals.


Michelle Obama Keeping Her Kids’ Weight on Track

One visit to the family pediatrician is all it took to convince Michelle Obama to instill good activity and eating habits into her growing daughters. Being the parent, and the person with the last say, it is important for children to understand they can’t do everything that they want to do because not everything is good for them.

Changes include:

  • No more TV on weekdays
  • Replace juice and soda with water
  • Add fruits and vegetables to diet


Kevin Federline’s Weight Gain

Hard to believe if any of this is the true motive behind Kevin Federline’s weight gain. The end result is that he is being cast in the Celebrity Fit Club that comes with a $100,000 payday and extended face time on television.


We don’t want to imagine copycats who could result in serious health problems with sudden weight gains to make easy money by following K-Fed’s foot steps.

Obesity Prevention Tips # 12 – Brush Your Teeth

We are surrounded by food 24/7. A means to fight these urges for a piece of candy, or a pack of chips is head over to the sink and brush your teeth.

Brushing your teeth helps to keep your mouth refreshed, while killing the urge to eat anything unless you really enjoy the taste of toothpaste (if you have been eating toothpaste since you were a child, you have bigger issues than trying to lose weight).

Brushing your teeth will also remind that you are taking care of your hygiene to look good and to lose weight.

28 Eggs a Week to Lose Weight

Margaret Thatcher believed in looking her best when it came to campaigning. For two weeks before her win, she had eggs for breakfast, lunch. And a regular meal for dinner.


This eggs diet helped her towards the goal of losing 20 pounds.