Sarah Palin Weight Loss and Fitness

At 45 yeals old, Sarah Palin likes to run and maintain healthy food choices to keep fit.

She counts snowmobiling and various outdoor sports as the foundation of her exercise activities.

As to keeping an eye to what she eats, she has never been on the Atkins diet. Good for her, we don’t believe in limiting yourself just to eating protein either.

Body Image and Weight Loss

Many of us struggle with weight loss because of poor body image. Even when the scale shows us losing 10 pounds after several weeks of changed eating habits and a more active lifestyle, our heads are still filled with negative thoughts that we are not perfect. And then we regress into the old self who ate their fair share of ice cream and junk food.

The truth is that no one is perfect. Otherwise magazine wouldn’t have to retouch photos to make celebrities on covers thinner and healthier looking.

Be realistic, don’t go back to the old destructive self because you don’t see yourself as perfect. It takes a lot of hard work to lose even a few pounds, your heart, body and mind appreciates all that you have achieved.

Continue with your weight loss goals, and throw out the distorted body image you have of yourself.


Algae + Chocolate = Weight Loss

If chocolate is your weight loss krytonite, then fear not. A new chocolate creation by Cocoa Bio of Spain has dietiers around the world excited for a chocolate that promises to help you lose weight.

One or two chocolate pieces one hour before a meal will help suppress your appetite.

Alcoholic, Crack-Cocaine & Food Addict

All these were bygone addictions of one man, Arik Bishop, who managed to kick these particularly bad habits to the curb and lost 200 lbs in the process.

Follow Arik’s amazing story of how he became sober and clean before conquering his food addiction and obesity.

The Consequences of Gaining Weight

We have to appreciate the fact that this guy gained over 90 pounds on purpose to participate in a reality TV show. (Do we have another K-Fed wannabe here?)

It is a bit painful to watch him go from fab to flab in a 6 month period. This type of faking obesity is shameful because it doesn’t compare with a person who has been overweight for years or their whole life. We can bet that the fat didn’t have enough time to reach and build up around his ankles yet.

YouTube Preview Image

This trainer (or the possible reality tv show) should be nominated for the Darwin Awards for literally destroying his body and inflicting bodily mutilation through food.