Diseases of the Obese

These diseases are associated with obesity.

  • Diabetes – blood sugar level is not in balance where its levels are too high. Can lead to many complications if left untreated
  • High Blood Pressure – can lead to stroke and heart failure
  • Joint Pain – aches and pains in your bones
  • Back Pain – can be immobilizing if very painful

If you are not looking forward to dealing with these obesity related diseases, then start losing weight. Getting to these later stages is worst then just being obese.

Eliminate Belly Fat with Sit Ups

Forget it! You will not be losing any belly fat with just sit ups.

If this was remotely possible, all you would see it on The Biggest Loser would be contestants doing sit ups non-stop and plenty of product placements for As-Seen-on-TV abdominal machine gimmicks for $49.95

Sit ups will however help you develop muscle under the layers of fat (if you happen to be overweight).

Your goal however should be to lose overall body weight, and fat deposit with total body workouts.


Lose Weight While Sleeping

The human body is a complex machine. It requires a good amount of sleep to regulate itself and to get all the hormones functioning at optimal levels.

Lack of sleep triggers hormones leptin, ghrelin and cortisol in your body to crave for fatty foods and carbohydrates. These hormones control your appetite directly and a lack of sleep puts them into high gear where you are feeling more hungry than necessary.



Hypothetically, the major reason that parents of new born babies experience a rapid weight gain is that their adult sleeping patterns are constantly disrupted by a crying baby.

Then how do you explain celebrity moms that lose weight quickly after give birth? That would be an idiotic question because they have the time and money to work with personal trainers, chefs who cater to their every dietary need, and full nannies that tend to the baby 24/7. A celebrity mom’s sleep is never interrupted unless they allow themselves to be interrupted at night by the baby.

5:2 Diet

The 5:2 diet has been a success for many celebrities. Some swear by it.

For 5 days of the week, eat what you want. As long as you have 2 days of very limited caloric intake or near starvation.

It helps to retrain the body to burn off glycogen stored as fat once your body is not consuming any foods within a 12 hour period.

Pablo Sandoval at Camp Panda to Lose Weight

With the help of personal trainers and nutritionist, Pablo Sandoval is making headway in losing weight and relearning to eat properly. The Giants are investing in their future by pushing Sandoval towards taking care of his body for a long and prosperous career.

In order to lose weight, Sandoval spends 5 hours a day on various cardio training, weightlifting, and workouts designed for him.

Also, a common theme is no soda or juice. And limiting himself to the allotted calories allowed by his nutritionist.