Lose Weight and Have Better Sex

BBW sex is perfectly fine too, not saying there’s anything wrong with that (it shows a lot of confidence to enjoy whatever floats your boat). Going back to the main point, one of the many benefits of losing weight is being able to have better sex as a result of physical and mental changes.

Weight Loss Effects on the Male Sex:

  • Overweight men have higher incidence of erectile dysfunction due to lower blood flow to the male genitals. High fat diets, narrow arteries, including the ones that carry blood to the penis. Abdominal obesity lowers testosterone levels.
  • A stronger core (abdominal and lower-back muscles) helps to increase stamina and gives strength to try new positions.
  • On the visual end of the spectrum, fat people can’t see their own penis (it’s probably shriveled up and died a long time ago). Fat on the base of the abdomen covers up the base of the penis.
  • Weight loss, and nutritious foods stimulate sex hormones. Don’t let weight gain impede your sexual desires.

Weight Loss Effects on the Female Sex:

  • Overweight women suffer similar decrease sexual potency as overweight men due to lower blood flow to the genital areas.
  • A little less flab brings out the best parts of the body. You don’t necessarily have to fit a size double-zero jeans.
  • A lighter weight allows you to move freely during love making.
  • Improved body image, makes you feel more confident being naked and totally being in the moment. Frees up your mind from worrying about the way your body looks.
  • Weight loss in women provides the genitals with better circulation, lubrication, and overall function.

The final statistics indicate 30% of overweight and obese individuals suffer from sexual difficulties. Don’t become the statistic and start enjoying what your body is made for by first learning to take care of it.

Losing Too Much Weight Can Be Tragic

Our condolences go out to Samantha Clowe, who died from heart failure while on a low calorie diet. So far it is inconclusive whether her heart condition was a prolonged result of her weight or exacerbated by low calories she was consuming to lose weight.


What we do know is that the heart can shut down if it does not have enough calories to fuel its actions. When any dieter forces themselves to eat next to nothing, they are toying with unseen future health complications because that’s just not how the human body functions. We need food, and the right types of foods will help us lose weight naturally.

There are no miracles or quick fixes to life. Living is a long journey. Dieting is a long journey of making the right food choices, and changing lifestyles to accommodate the desk jockey activites.

Obese People are Openly Discriminated Against

Being fat or overweight is the one last areas where discrimination is still currently allow in America or around the world. Fat people are ridiculed every day because they have a problem that effects their outwardly appearance.

If a doctor was to ignore you, and treat you with less respect not because of the your color or religion or sexual preferences but because you look like you eat a lot. How would you feel?


This leads to a bigger epidemic where overweight people are less likely to get help from the professionals that can help them most. Is obesity such a heinous crime that those who are fat are treated like lepers where the thinner kids think “there’s something wrong with the larger kids?”

Weight Loss for Wedding

Weight loss tips for new brides to be:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Watch what you eat
  • Stay active
  • Think about the goal and enjoy the journey

You will be able to fit into a smaller sized dress before you know it. Stick with the program, and don’t cheat.

Genetics Lead to Childhood Obesity

Researchers studied genes in obese children, and genes found in skinny children. And concluded that there are “copy number variations” CNVs exclusive to European Americans and African Americans.

US News – Genetics Linked to Raised Risk of Childhood Obesity

While we can certainly continue to blame genetics for everything. Let’s take some liberty in imagining a scenario how the research could have been conducted (this might be going out on a limb as in no ways is it representative of how any of the research were actually conducted.)

Research group 1 (Obese Children)

  • Children are entertained with fried chicken, sodas, and all the candy they can eat while researchers ask the group participants questions and study their DNA.
  • Kids’ parents worry that they are hungry and feed the kids a few cookies while in the waiting rooms.

Research group 2 (Skinny Children)

  • Skinny children are provided water while researchers ask the group participants questions and study their DNA.
  • Kids’ parents give their kids fresh fruit.

At the end of one session, the obese children gained an extra pound while the skinny kids maintained their weight; and this had nothing to do with DNA or genetics.

What really matters is what you choose to continue to put into your body, and not the type of genetics that you are born with.