Sleep Apnea Cure – Lose Weight

With the overweight bearing so many medical problems or soon to be difficult health conditions and diseases, the media and medical professional associates weight problems closely with sleep apnea.

It is certainly a vicious cycle because people who don’t sleep normally have a tendency to gain weight. Now with the weight gain, sleep apnea is harder to fix.

Bottom line is that losing a bit weight by becoming more active, and eating right is good for the body and your overall health. (Adding on sleep apnea that can be cured by losing weight is not going to motive any one.) Do it for yourself because everyone deserves to live a normal life.

Chubby Friends Help You Add on Weight

It is important to understand that hanging out with chubby friends will naturally make you put on weight also. With this in mind, you can enjoy their company and food events in moderation. While you can’t change a person, you can make better decisions knowing that you will be entering a day or evening of gluttony depending on how many chubby friends you are hanging out with.

Fat Baby is Denied Insurance

A healthy fat baby was denied insurance. This is unheard of. Let’s rephrase that again, “A growing healthy big bone 4 month old baby is denied insurance!”

What has the world come to where babies have to fend for themselves because they are a little over a certain weight limit? (This is why our country is dire need of Obama’s health reforms.)

Rocky Mountain Health Plan has reversed its original decision, and playing down the initial media faux pas.

Video Games Does Not Increase Obesity

A new study published has debunked the correlation between playing video games and increase obesity. The study followed 482 teenagers over 3 years and determined the amount spent of video games does not influence weight gain.

Kevin Federline’s Weight Gain

Hard to believe if any of this is the true motive behind Kevin Federline’s weight gain. The end result is that he is being cast in the Celebrity Fit Club that comes with a $100,000 payday and extended face time on television.

We don’t want to imagine copycats who could result in serious health problems with sudden weight gains to make easy money by following K-Fed’s foot steps.