Gym Class for Adults – Jazzercise

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The new hip thing to do is to join a gym class and follow the moves of fitness instructors. This phenomenon sweeping across the country is called Jazzercise where members build cardio strength by grooving to music at an intense sweat breaking pace.

Get off your couch and go dance!

Jack Black’s Diet

Jack Black is on a mission to lose 50 pounds in 2011 by limiting his intake of quarter-pounders with cheese. He also might opt for the extreme of eating raisins only (jokingly).

We wish Jack Black the best of luck with his weight loss. It will be inspirational to see his complete transformation after losing 50 lbs. Can he be the next Jennifer Hudson?

Chris Pratt Weight Loss Diet

Chris Pratt went from big and lovable Andy from Parks and Recreation to Starlord on Guardians of the Galaxy by eating right and working out.

His weight loss secret:

  • Eat right with help from nutritionist
  • Work out, 1 hour 4 times a week
  • Drink lots of water (notice he didn’t say soda nor beer)
Chris Pratt Weight Loss
Chris Pratt Weight Loss

Obesity Prevention Tips # 13 – Write Down What You Eat

Write down what you eat for a full week and analyze all the bad food that you can eliminate from your diet. Remove these food items from your sight or throw them out completely if you are serious about losing weight.

Overweight individuals that have no idea why they keep adding on weight have no excuse as to not knowing what they eat or consume everyday, including the types of liquids they drink.

It is very important to keep a food log to help you lose the weight (this is very similar to the process of professional bodybuilder keeping a workout log). When you take on any kind of serious commitment whether it is work, exercising, dieting, or creating new recipes, there needs to be record keeping. Log it, and push forward.

Weight Problems Lead to Arthritis

Research indicates the rate of diagnosed arthritis in obese people are double the rate of a person with normal weight. For every 1 average weight person with arthritis, there will be 2 obese persons with arthritis.

Common sense tells us that overweight people tend to move around less, and this will likely lead to stiffen joints due to lack of activity. Or when you are so heavy, it can lead to overexertion of knee joints and develop into knee osteoarthritis.