Gastric Bypass a Solution for Obesity and Diabetes

Anecdotal evidence supports that gastric bypass may be a solution for the morbidly obese and those suffering from diabetes. After the surgery, patients’ blood sugar levels drop after a few days. However, this is still a very invasive surgery.


It is always important to consider all the available options before selecting gastric bypass. If you don’t change your eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, no surgery or weight loss plan can stop you from slowly killing yourself with an extra helping of food.

Losing Weight with a Personal Trainer

Losing weight and dieting can be a struggle when you don’t surround yourself with like minded people. Linda Babcock managed to lose 120 pounds working with Brent Swansen (who happens be a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer).

Linda Babcock has learned to “transform herself through eating right and exercising.” At age 48, she’s able to do 50 push-ups on her toes. There’s nothing in the world that the human mind cannot overcome (with the help of a personal trainer).

Obesity Prevention Tips # 2 – Don’t Clean Your Plate

We have seen this too often where kids and adults continue to clean up all the food on their plate even when they are full and stuffed like Thanksgiving turkeys. It is absolutely okay to eat half a plate, and put the rest into the fridge.

Imagine yourself going to a restaurant, and the dishes of food that comes out from the kitchen are huge portions. You have to make a choice whether to doggy bag the remaining portions or finish the plate.

The smart choice is doggy bagging it for next time. Just because you don’t finish your serving does not mean you are wasting food.

Retrain yourself. You don’t have to finish the french fries, the last chicken wing, or the extra bite of dessert.

Save it for next time. Let your body have some time to burn off the fuel before feeding it more food.

Roman Reigns Super Diet

Roman Reigns rocks a super physique. Here are a few of his diet tips to stay solid.

  • Smaller portions multiple times a day. Don’t stuff yourself with 2 meals a day.
  • No sweets. Fight the urge, as this is really the downfall of good diets for getting fit.
  • Eat in, cook often. You know what you are putting into your body if you made it yourself.
  • Hit the gym.
  • Keep a good balance.
Roman Reigns Diet
Roman Reigns Diet

Watch That Expanding Waist Size

Once you hit age 70, you can throw BMI numbers out the door. Not that you shouldn’t care about it at all. Researchers have found that waist to hip ratios are a better determinant of whether you have a higher chance of premature death.


This would certainly be applicable to younger individuals also. When you waist is growing at an alarmingly higher rate than your hips, you have a problem. You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you what’s black and white.

Learn to regulate your body to adhere to the law of averages instead of being the exception. If your tummy is bulging, eat less and exercise more. If you are all sticks and bones, then put some food into that body of yours.

A better indicator: If all of a sudden you don’t fit into your clothes due to some extreme weight gain, then you are more likely to face a premature death.