Applying Tiger Woods’ Shortcomings to Weight Loss

Tiger Woods had the world on his finger tips, and all it took was a few missteps to have his world turn upside down. Hit a hydrant and a tree with an SUV, then everything turns into a media circus with three women turning up talking about alleged affairs. It may all turn out to be false allegations, but the lessons that dieters can take away from this is to stay focused.

  • Tiger Woods may have lost focus in his role as a family man. (When dieting, stay focus. Think about, and control your portions.)
  • What Tiger Woods did is considered cheating. (When you sneak a soda, or cookie into your meals, you too are cheating.)
  • Tiger Woods took the route of instant gratification, and backfired. (Losing weight is and cannot be instant, you have to set a long term goal instead of yo-yo dieting.)

We all hope that Tiger Woods will be back on track very soon.

If you have fallen off your weight loss program. Refocus and commit yourself fully, because it will all work out for the better at the end.

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