Roman Reigns Super Diet

Roman Reigns rocks a super physique. Here are a few of his diet tips to stay solid.

  • Smaller portions multiple times a day. Don’t stuff yourself with 2 meals a day.
  • No sweets. Fight the urge, as this is really the downfall of good diets for getting fit.
  • Eat in, cook often. You know what you are putting into your body if you made it yourself.
  • Hit the gym.
  • Keep a good balance.
Roman Reigns Diet
Roman Reigns Diet

Watch That Expanding Waist Size

Once you hit age 70, you can throw BMI numbers out the door. Not that you shouldn’t care about it at all. Researchers have found that waist to hip ratios are a better determinant of whether you have a higher chance of premature death.


This would certainly be applicable to younger individuals also. When you waist is growing at an alarmingly higher rate than your hips, you have a problem. You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you what’s black and white.

Learn to regulate your body to adhere to the law of averages instead of being the exception. If your tummy is bulging, eat less and exercise more. If you are all sticks and bones, then put some food into that body of yours.

A better indicator: If all of a sudden you don’t fit into your clothes due to some extreme weight gain, then you are more likely to face a premature death.

Algae + Chocolate = Weight Loss

If chocolate is your weight loss krytonite, then fear not. A new chocolate creation by Cocoa Bio of Spain has dietiers around the world excited for a chocolate that promises to help you lose weight.

One or two chocolate pieces one hour before a meal will help suppress your appetite.

Motivational Weight Loss Posters

We all need posters to get us motivated, to remind us the things we need to do to make it right. Losing is not easy, and the right motivational poster will go a long way in jump-starting your weight loss program.

Suffer the pain of Discipline or Suffer the pain of Regret (or the original version) – the potential of eating right and reducing fat is within all of us. Put in the discipline to regain the body shape you want.

Weight Loss Motivational Poster

A perennial fan favorite Weight Loss Motivational Poster from the Reddit community – a step by step approach detailing the different approached to food, exercise, habits between an overweight person and a fit person.

Weight Loss Motivational Poster

Real Weight Loss Transformation Timeline Poster – she lost over 70 lbs in 6 years and looks great. Weight loss is progressive and anyone with the correct mindset can do it slowly.

Weight Loss Transformation Timeline

Don’t Put Limits on Yourself – we are all living as if we are already dead when we put limits on ourselves. People on a weight loss goal stop too often. We need to break that habit to cross over the failure threshold.

Bruce Lee Sums Up Living Life to the Max

Mandisa of American Idol 5th Season Loses 80 Lbs

Working with a personal trainer, Mandisa managed to lose 80 pounds of weight and hopes to lose up to 100 lbs or more. Along with regular exercise 3-4 times a week, she has completely cut out processed foods including white flour and sugars. Her salt intake is limited also.

Instead of opting for boring exercise routines, Mandisa chooses to enjoy the weight loss process with Zumba dancing. (We too are believers in the greatness of Richard Simmons.)