Jack Black’s Diet

Jack Black is on a mission to lose 50 pounds in 2011 by limiting his intake of quarter-pounders with cheese. He also might opt for the extreme of eating raisins only (jokingly).


We wish Jack Black the best of luck with his weight loss. It will be inspirational to see his complete transformation after losing 50 lbs. Can he be the next Jennifer Hudson?

Gabourey Sidibe Dieting Since 6 Years Old (Definitely Failed)

Gabourey Sidibe, who plays Clareece in the movie Precious appeared on Oprah and discussed openly about being a big girl. She appears very confident with herself talking about the period she hated herself and being mad all the time due to her size.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/20/precious-star-gabourey-si_n_365925.html (watch the Oprah interview with Gabourey Sidibe)

It is great that she can carry on such a great facade in front of a televised audience, but any medical professional would argue that she needs to lose weight or face an early death by food. It sucks that Oprah gives her false hope without providing any type of guidance, because Gabourey Sidibe has failed miserably at controlling her weight and someone needs to help her. Of all people, Oprah should know better about the real thoughts going through that young impressionable mind of Sidibe’s because of her interview with Star Jones.

Oprah, stop thinking about the fact that she plays a very good fat character, and can help your firm cash in from the box office with the movie Precious because you are simply playing with her life. (Chris Farley was confident, famous, and had it all. With a snap of the finger, he was dead because he struggled with losing weight more than anything.)

Money is not everything, you can’t take it with you. Help her live.

Craig and Tova’s 12 Week Work Out and Weight Loss

YouTube Preview Image

Craig and Tova inspires us all to get off our couches and burn off the calories. Whether you are over weight or need to tone those muscles, let these two amazing individuals inspire you to do more.

Mama June’s Weight Loss

Mama June of Honey Boo Boo is making good progress with her weight loss. As mentioned in previous interviews, she has cut down on soda, pasta, butter, and ketchup consumption.

Recently Mama June has started with organic green smoothies to continue with her weight loss journey.

As seen from her tweet, she’s clearly determined to stick with a healthy diet.

Mama June on Twitter
Mama June on Twitter



Fat Does Not Make Us Fat, But Carbs and Sugar Does

Refined carbohydrates such as flour, bread, cookies, pasta and potatoes can give us up to 60 teaspoons of sugar every a day. If you plan on losing weight of any kind, stay away from carbs as much as possible.

Sugar is indeed more of a serious threat to our health than fatty foods.

If you are dieting or concerned about your heart health, think again before eating “white bread, croissants, muffins”.