Attain Jessica Alba Type Body with Sensible Eating

You are what you eat has many truths. Jessica Alba is a great example of what can be achieved with sensible meal plans and regular exercise.

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with berries, and eggs
  • Lunch: salad with chicken breast or fish
  • Dinner: sushi, or beef, or lean protein
  • Snacks: almonds or popcorn

The key is portion control to about 400 calories or less.

If you try this at an all-you-can-eat-buffet, then you have already failed.

Chris Pratt Weight Loss Diet

Chris Pratt went from big and lovable Andy from Parks and Recreation to Starlord on Guardians of the Galaxy by eating right and working out.

His weight loss secret:

  • Eat right with help from nutritionist
  • Work out, 1 hour 4 times a week
  • Drink lots of water (notice he didn’t say soda nor beer)
Chris Pratt Weight Loss
Chris Pratt Weight Loss

Michelle Wie Diet & Fitness

Michelle Wie recently signed a sponsorship deal with McDonald’s making it a sure thing that Happy Meals will be a part of her diet and fitness plans.

The question on everyone’s mind is what does a healthy 20 year old 6 foot 1 inch professional golfer eat, specifically the Michelle Wie diet, to maintain peak energy for workouts and competing in golf tournaments.

Being raised in Hawaii and of Korean ethnicity, Michelle Wie can easily incorporate any of these into a healthy diet when consumed in moderation.

  • Brown rice (commonly offered as an alternative to white rice or fried rice in Hawaii). Brown rice is a whole grain –
  • Fresh fish from the Pacific offers a high source of lean protein.
  • Charsiu chicken, another source of lean protein. Tastier than charsiu pork.
  • Kalua Pig, a delicious pulled pork dish.
  • BBQ marinated meats such as Kalbi short ribs. And local grass fed rib eyes steaks.
  • Stir fried greens and vegetables along with every entree.

Eating in moderation, and eating well contributes to her diet for consistent growth as a professional athlete and adult.

As for fitness Michelle Wie works with strength coach Paul Gagne to build upper body strength, and swing coach David Leadbetter to improve distance and accuracy on every swing.

Jeb Bush on the Paleo Diet

Jeb Bush has been looking healthier with his recent weight loss. He has been sticking to a low-carb Paleo diet to help him lose over 40 pounds.

The Paleo diet emphasizes balanced eating of animal proteins, and vegetables. Skip the sugars, and processed foods.

Kudos to Jeb Bush on making healthy choices.

Jeb Bush Weight Loss
Jeb Bush Weight Loss

Gastric Bypass a Solution for Obesity and Diabetes

Anecdotal evidence supports that gastric bypass may be a solution for the morbidly obese and those suffering from diabetes. After the surgery, patients’ blood sugar levels drop after a few days. However, this is still a very invasive surgery.


It is always important to consider all the available options before selecting gastric bypass. If you don’t change your eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, no surgery or weight loss plan can stop you from slowly killing yourself with an extra helping of food.