Weight Problems Lead to Arthritis

Research indicates the rate of diagnosed arthritis in obese people are double the rate of a person with normal weight. For every 1 average weight person with arthritis, there will be 2 obese persons with arthritis.


Common sense tells us that overweight people tend to move around less, and this will likely lead to stiffen joints due to lack of activity. Or when you are so heavy, it can lead to overexertion of knee joints and develop into knee osteoarthritis.

Keely Shaye Smith Weight Gain

Over the years as the Hollywood paparazzi followed Keely Shaye Smith and husband Pierce Brosnon around, they also captured Keely Shaye Smith’s weight gain.

She’s tall with a big frame. In the photos, the weight gain is evident from the time when the family posed for the RedBook cover.

Keely Shaye Smith appears very comfortable with her new weight. However, it would be a good idea to halt the weight gain, and eventually reverse the trend gradually. Should be easy enough for Keely to hire a nutritionist and personal trainer to get back in shape in no time.




In the before and after photo, you can see that Keely Bronson gained a lot of weight.

Lindsay Lohan Attributes Weight Loss to Stress

Earlier in the year of 2009, Lindsay Lohan’s drastic weight loss shocked her fans into thinking that she was overly skinny. In interviews with US Weekly, she attributed the rapid drop in weight due to stress.

Some people who work too hard can get stressed out and manage to have very little appetite for food. Lindsay Lohan’s friends and family should encourage her to eat even when she’s stressed because the human body is very fragile where being too thin can have adverse consequences similar to being too fat.


Obesity Prevention Tips # 10 – Eat Slower

If you are not a regular contestant in competitive eating, change your habits and eat slower. This will allow your stomach and digestive system to release hormones to tell the brain that you are full.

Otherwise, you could be consuming unnecessary calories when your stomach could not react to the amount of food that was rapidly inhaled. This is another reason why fast food leads to obesity.

Eating slower gives the body and mind time to react accordingly. You simply do not need the extra calories, and your body will tell you by making you fat.

Losing Weight is Expensive Because Healthy Food is Expensive

Losing weight can be an expensive goal because replacing the empty calories of junk food with fruits and vegetables can 10 times the final cost to meet the nutrition requirements of 1,000 calories.


If the governments wants its citizens to become healthier, and fight off the obesity epidemic then taxing junk food will lead nowhere while healthy food continues to be extremely expensive. The real solution is to subsidize fruits and vegetable farmers to the point of making them rich to produce excess fruits and vegetables for all Americans.

We would all be eating our apples and broccoli everyday if we can afford it.